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Rent the Iconic NYC Mansion from The Royal Tenenbaums

The mansion featured in Wes Anderson’s classic film could be your new home for US$20,000 per month.

May 24, 2021 | By Abram Yum

In 2001, Wes Anderson’s comedy-drama film appeared on the silver screen, featuring the star-studded cast including the likes of Gene Hackman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Anjelica Huston. The film captivated cinephiles with its storyline, as well as its 19th century backdrop. Now, for the first time in decades, lovers of the film have the chance to live in the Flemish Revival mansion which Anderson used in The Royal Tenenbaums. With its many preserved original pieces and modern renovations, the mansion is an elegant mix of classic architecture and contemporary furnishings.

The 6000-square-foot mansion can be found in the Hamilton Heights neighbourhood in Harlem. Built in 1899, by Adolph Hoak, the home was originally owned by US attorney Charles H. Tuttle, who ran against Franklin D. Roosevelt during the elections for Governor of New York. When Anderson chanced upon the mansion, it had just been purchased by a man named Willie Woods for US$460,000.

“We spent months searching for different houses,” Anderson said about his search for the right house. “It needed to be a New York house that wasn’t stereotypical, and where you’d have a real strong sense of family history.”

Woods allowed Anderson to rent the mansion for six months to complete the filming of The Royal Tenenbaums, before commencing with his renovations.

Now available for rent, the Flemish Revival mansion retains many of the original appointments which were seen in Anderson’s classic film but also boast a number of modern features courtesy of its numerous renovations.

Apart from its classic exterior, other period-correct features of the late 19th century mansion include the original woodwork and extensive hardwood parquet flooring, which covers most of the house. The layout of the mansion is also typical of a pre-war home, with its many rooms which all serve a specific function, compared to the more contemporary trend towards open concept designs. These include the formal dining room, playroom, separate butler’s kitchen, office, and lounge areas.

On top of these dedicated rooms, the mansion also offers an astounding four and a half bathrooms, and six bedrooms.

As mentioned, the mansion boasts many modern appointments as well. The most notable of these being the private elevator which connects the first three floors of the four-storey home. While the six fireplaces located throughout the Flemish Revival mansion retain their traditional pre-war aesthetics, they have been given contemporary updates and are powered by gas rather than wood for reliable heating during the colder months. In contrast to the rest of the home, the main chef’s-style kitchen has been completely renovated and furnished with modern, top-shelf appliances.

The Anderson-approved mansion represents much more than luxurious abode or a piece of cinematic history. Within its many walls and parquet hardwood flooring, lies a rich history, tied to the roots of the great city of New York. For those willing to spend US$20,000 a month, it presents a unique opportunity to bask in the comfort and historic pedigree of this iconic piece of architecture.

All images courtesy of Jonathan Artieda.

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