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Floating homes: 5 unique accommodation concepts on the water

Having a home, set on solid ground, is nothing new which is why these homes on the water have captured our attention

May 04, 2017 | By Teri Chong

Photo: Dymitr Malcew

Coastal or seaside residences have a certain allure that allow you to enjoy a view that is worth every pretty penny. However, we have discovered something that offers much more than a scenic view of the ocean far out in the distance. Since 2015, architectural firms have teased us with the designs of floating homes that give a whole new meaning to “right on the water” and with this new venture, your dreams may just be a reality. The idea of floating residences has long been a concept explored by design firms. With the recent interest of these buoyant babies, we take a look at five of the most promising ventures in the pipelines!

1.BMT Asia Pacific (BMT) SeaScape

The first on our list is the SeaScape, which is a floating villa conceptualised by BMT Asia Pacific. Unlike your usual oblong shaped villas, the SeaScapes take on a triangular platform base provides you with the perfect opportunity to attach several of the 700-square-foot units together for a larger villa to suit your needs. By combining multiple units, you can look forward to  sundecks and pools to lounge in, on top of a stunning underwater master bedroom. This state of the art modular design could allow owners to transform their villas into a variety of styles such as a floating bar with a submarine lounge.

For more information, do visit BMT.

2. Dubai’s Floating Seahorse Villas

One of the many unique designs to have garnered an immense amount of hype recently happens to be the Floating Seahorse Villas. A truly unique luxury experience, the Floating Seahorse is a three-story villa, with one submerged story. The first edition has been completely snapped up and it’s easy to see why. The underwater portion features a master bedroom and bathroom, with a spectacular coral garden right outside the walls. What’s better is an upcoming “Signature Edition” Villa designed for larger groups. With these $12 million dollar upgrades, you will be able to add your own personal touch to the villas. The new edition will be fully customizable to your personal style — bringing a whole new meaning to the term “signature”.

For more information, do visit The Heart of Europe.

3. The Floating House

Designed by Singapore based architect Dymitr Malcew, The Floating House is an imaginative project that is based on the idea of living on the water. This house is a picture perfect example of serenity for those who enjoy having nature right at their doorstep. With floor to ceiling glass walls, the house celebrates the feeling of freedom and openness, the main goal of the architect is to complement the houses’ surroundings. With nature being the underlying theme, most of the interior is made from wood. An engine can even be installed upon request to cater to the wanderlust of homeowners!

For more information, do visit Dymitr Malcew.

4. Unidentified Floating Object 2.0 (UFO)


This ultra-futuristic floating home is like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The UFO 2.0 spans nearly 4,000 square feet and consists of three levels. The various levels include a living space, a kitchen and — you guessed it — an underwater bedroom. Made almost entirely out of fiberglass, this incredible villa was created by Italian design firm Jet Capsule, and is the second of its kind. The floating villa is equipped with two 80-hp electric engines, which are able to move the structure at a maximum speed of nine knots.

For more information, do visit Jet Capsule.

5. Amillarah Private Islands

What’s better than having a whole floating home to yourself? Why it’s having an entire floating island abode!  With the Amillarah Private Islands, not only are these residences fully customizable, you can also choose the location of your home. Each villa comes with a private beach, natural greenery as well as a jetty. Designed with its owner’s absolute privacy in mind, the Amillarah Private Islands are truly a chance for you to create your own exclusive paradise.

For more information, do visit Amillarah.

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