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Technical Granite, Bringing Luxury to Your Interior and Exterior Designs

Technical granite is produced by industrially processing regular ceramic material to increase its durability.

Feb 08, 2022 | By LUXUO
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If you are looking for a material to suit your interior and exterior design needs, look no further than technical granite. Ceramics have been a preferred material in indoor and outdoor designs for centuries. Technical granite is produced by industrially processing regular ceramic material to increase its durability. Thanks to brands that have a large inventory of technical granite such as, it is possible to add a touch of luxury to your interior and exterior spaces.

Since the water absorption rate is quite low compared to standard ceramics, they do not stain easily, and maintain their well-groomed and stylish aesthetic. They are very resistant to extreme heat, extreme cold, and sunlight, so they preserve their brightness and colour for a long time. It is more expensive than standard ceramics due to its production, ease of use and long-term durability.

Technical Granite Can Be Used in All Of Your Living Spaces

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Thanks to the endless application possibilities of technical granite on surfaces, you can use it on exteriors, wall coverings and interiors to reflect your style. Technical granite, which combines aesthetics and functionality, you can give your home a timeless style.

While designing your living spaces, technical granite will work beautifully from the outside to the inside. For example, you walk from your garden to your house on a path made of technical granite ceramics. Imagine rectangular, square, hexagonal, or round granite stepping stones with grass or pebbles breaking up the area in between. Now imagine that the same granite path continues to your pool, where there are two granite sun loungers waiting. You then see the same eye-catching granite ceramics in your garden or on your terrace.

Ceramics can also affect the general appearance and vibe in your kitchen. It is possible to revitalise your kitchen and give it a chic look with ceramics between the countertops. When it comes to renovating a bathroom, nothing makes a greater impression than granite ceramic. Whether used as a decorative backdrop on the wall around counters, your stove, or behind the sink, ceramics are an indispensable product in recent years due to their modern functionality. You can provide concept integrity by using technical granite on all floors and walls of your kitchen.

Where Elegance, Style and Luxury Meet

The most challenging thing when designing your interior and exterior spaces is reflecting your own personal style and the spirit to your home. There is a deep bond and mirroring between people and their homes. Even the amount of light entering your home will affect your mood and quality of life. Technical granite can help you reflect your character in your home without sacrificing comfort and elegance.

With technical granite, it’s easy to bring the beach air of the Bahamas or the splendour of the Victorian era into your home. You can create a minimalist yet elegant style by using monochrome, large cut pieces of granite. Or you can get a magnificent look by using a zigzag cut, marble-like, geometric patterned granite tiling. You can express your style with an endless number of combinations you can think of and reflect it to your home.

Technical granite can meet your design expectations thanks to a wide variety of colour and texture options. You can integrate the style into your living spaces as you wish, thanks to granite that flawlessly imitates wood, stone or parquet in appearance. It is possible to bring your style and character to your home with a luxurious touch, thanks to brands like QuaGranite, which stands out in its sector through superior production technology, product variety, and quality.

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