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Swimming pool design trends 2017: From indoor spa facilities to infinity pools and more

Fancy jazzing up the boring pool in your backyard? Take a look at some of the current tricks up pool designers’ sleeves

Jun 10, 2017 | By Teri Chong

Blue Haven Pools & Spas

All hail summer! It’s the perfect time to squeeze in some rest and relaxation to your hectic schedule, and what better way to do that than near a pool? Every pool is custom designed, but there are always a couple of trends that influence them. From the classic rectangular block shape, to curve oblong scoops, pools have gone from sporting venues to luxury symbols. In recent years, we’ve seen a myriad of design trends ranging from added pool embellishments to half submerged pool bars. This time, we take a look at some of the most popular swimming pool design trends of 2017.

Ultra-freeboard Pools

For the past few years, deck-level pools— where the water is at the same height as the floor —have been popular, but now the ultra-freeboard pool is attracting attention once again. There are several reasons for this. An ultra-freeboard pool is one where the water is just below the level of the surrounding floor. For pools in apartment blocks, the ultra-freeboard design takes up less floor space and less space in the plant room. When it comes to privately owned pools, it is the enhanced aesthetics of ultra-freeboard pools that are in increasing their popularity.

Glass Accents

Glass accents are growing increasingly popular, according to the Aqua Platinum team. Many of those installing pools in their private residences are using glass panels between the pool and the spa, or the pool and the leisure area. The panels separate the two spaces, while simultaneously creating the impression of just one large space. Glass and porcelain tiles have also gained popularity for the aesthetic they bring to the overall pool design.

Indoor Spa Facilities

Wellness and vitality are on the top of many customers’ agendas, with steam rooms, saunas, experience showers and Jacuzzis all popular choices. It seems that a pool alone is no longer quite enough for many customers — the exercise and lifestyle benefits of pool ownership need to be complemented by access to superb spa facilities, all of which can be accessed without leaving the house.

Pools for Wellness

© Aquamagicpools

Other than indoor spa facilities, another major trend is bringing the spa elements to your pool. With hydrotherapy elements such as massage jets and fountains, owners will be able to utilize a ‘ two-in-one’ pool. The pressure from the water will help to knead out possible kinks in your muscles after a long day at work, helping to rejuvenate and revitalise them.

Automated Functions

© Envyelectrical

We’ve been going on and on about the newest smart home technology, but what about a smart pool? One of the up and coming trends includes automated swimming pools. Controls can now be linked to home systems, making it extremely convenient for owners. With just a touch of a button, pool pumps, water jets and features will come alive.

Infinity Pools

© Betzpools

When Marina Bay Sands Singapore unveiled their jaw-dropping infinity pool, the whole world was mystified. Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can now enjoy your own private infinity pool right in the comfort of your backyard. The side of these pools feature drop off ledges, creating an illusion of a never ending-cliff drop. The secret? The water that flows off the ledge fills a lower catch basin, playing into the ‘infinity’ illusion.

Sun Shelves

© Blue Haven Pools & Spas

Get your tan on with the last trend on our list: Baja Shelves. More commonly know as tanning or sun shelves, these structures are the flat shallow area in a pool. Placed typically before the deep end of the pool, the ledge is perfect for anyone who wants to take a chill pill before heading for a swim. An umbrella holder could even be incorporated for some shade while you laze in the pool. This design is also a good safety precaution for people with young children.

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