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Luxury resorts and spas: 3 Aman Wellness Destinations from Venice to Turks & Caicos designed by Jean-Michel Gathy

Aman Wellness Destinations promise peace and tranquility amongst the best luxury experience. We discover the ingenuity behind the design of these resorts by designer Jean-Michel Gathy

Feb 24, 2017 | By Teri Chong


Jean-Michel Gathy and his team at Denniston International architects are the masterminds behind a list of state of the art hotels. The renowned architect and his team have put together yet another architectural feat: The Aman Wellness Destinations. Made up of not one, but three locations all across the world, these resorts offer top-notch luxury wellness tourism. The rise of exclusive wellness retreats and stylish spas has spearheaded this venture, accumulating in the Aman Sveti Stefan, Amanyara Providenciales Turks & Caico, and Aman Italy, Venice. We take a look at Gathy’s inspiration for three of these sanctuaries.

First of three destinations: Aman Venice— Italy. Housed in the 16th Century Palazzo Papadopoli, the avant-garde décor was integrated with sculpted marbles, moldings and frescoes to create a scenography of opulence. Boosted by the magnificence of the Grand Canal and framed with ancient Murano crystal chandeliers, the hotel offers relaxation with a view to boot.

The Aman Sveti Stefan is located on a private beach, surrounded by the tranquillity of the Adriatic Sea. Set with a breath-taking view over the most coveted bay in Montenegro, the resort was inspired by historical features and contemporary interpretations. Keeping in mind the historical value of the 15th Century fortress that the resort is constructed out of, Gathy and team retained its heritage elements. They dressed the interior in cream and neutral tones, blending the resort seamlessly into the naturality of its location. It is clear that a recurring theme amongst these locations is that they are steeped in historical value , with its classic timelessness captured by the team.

Lastly, the team presented Amanyara, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. The resorts earned its name from the Sanskrit words ‘aman’ (peace) and ‘yara’ (place), promising serenity. Gathy was drawn to the lush greenery that backed the location as well as the serenity that it provided, leaving the décor contemporary chic and minimalistic to accompany the natural materials in the resort. Fronted by the resort’s volcanic rock swimming pool, the hotel’s 40 pavilions promise panoramic views of the sparkling ocean.

It is evident that Jean-Michel Gathy and his team take pride in the seclusion and historical grandeur that these locations have to offer. As seen from their track record of Aman Summer Place in Beijing, and the Marina Bay Sands Singapore amongst many others, Denniston is a front-runner in innovative and exquisite hotel designs with no signs of stopping soon.

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