Stockholm Infinity Pool project boasts views of Södermalm and the Baltic Sea

UMA introduces plan to create a two in one infinity pool and ice-skating rink

Jun 03, 2017 | By AFP Relaxnews

Stockholm Infinity Pool Project © Courtesy of Ulf Mejergren Architects

Ulf Mejergren Architects (UMA) , founded in 2010, has conceived of an infinity pool for Stockholm. The project intends to supply a captivating new way to take in the city, while also seamlessly absorbing the view of the waterfront. The vantage point of Södermalm — the northern part of the hip Stockholm district — has some of Stockholm’s best views, with unobstructed vistas over the magnificent inlet where the archipelago becomes the Swedish capital. With the view bleeding into the Baltic Sea, it will make for a most picturesque vista while taking a morning swim.

This infinity pool would provide an attractive addition to the city for public use, stretching more than one kilometer from the central northern part of Södermalm (called Slussen) all the way to the eastern point of the island. Built just outside of the existing railing, it would fortuitously block out the view of the motorway below, which occupies most of the waterfront along with infrastructure for large cruise ships. “Södermalm is an island-neighborhood in central Stockholm, making it a heavily trafficked area for cars to zip through,” noted Architectural Digest of Route 222, which hugs the northeast coast and connects people to Stockholm’s Old Town. ” As such, the seven-lane motorway also looks out toward the Baltic Sea, as well as some of the most spectacular views of the city-sights that are currently being underutilized because of the highway itself.”

Stockholm Infinity Pool Project © Courtesy of Ulf Mejergren Architects

The load-bearing structure would be made out of a repeating console structure of steel bolted to the bedrock behind. The pool module would be made out of concrete and lifted with a crane upon the steel console and then secured.

The Stockholm Infinity Pool (SIP) pool water would be pumped from the Baltic Sea by way of a small treatment plant beside one of the cruise terminals on the dock. Dressing rooms, showers and saunas would be located under the pool, so the view remains unobstructed from street level. During winter time, the water level would drop so it can be used for ice skating.

Neither the local government nor UMA have announced concretely when or if the project would be approved.

For more information, visit UMA.

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