Cruise & Explore Halong Bay On A Jeanneau Yacht

Explore the charming, picturesque limestone islands on a striking and modern Jeanneau yacht that surrounds Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Nov 12, 2018 | By Joe Lim

When you are the master of your time, plan your own yachting holiday by exploring the scenic Halong Bay UNESCO World Heritage site, onboard a striking Jeanneau yacht.

Enjoy picturesque views of limestone islands of Halong Bay on a Jeanneau yacht

For many of us who drive, “Cruise Control” is all about controlling and maintaining a predetermined speed. However, when it comes to manoeuvring a yacht, cruise control is all about creating your own journey if you have plenty of time to enjoy life.

When it comes to discovering new yachting destinations, Halong Bay should be right up your alley because of its jaw-dropping scenery, vistas of emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by lush rainforests. One such company – Vietyacht Marina Club – is primed to make your yachting lifestyle journey a luxurious and memorable experience. Set up in 2017, it is the only yacht charter company offering yachting adventures in the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Halong Bay. This firm is also the exclusive dealer in Vietnam of renowned French shipyard Jeanneau who has crafted many lavish oceanic voyages for esteemed guests who come from different countries.

Enjoy a chauffeured ride in a Mercedes sedan to your port of call

7:30 am Start your one-day yachting journey by enjoying being picked up from your hotel/resort in the comfort of a Mercedes sedan. You and your loved one can enjoy the car ride to the harbour as you can gaze out to the window to view enviable views of the emerald waters that Halong Bay provides. The end-to-end service ensures you are pampered and well-taken care of at every point of your journey. 8:00 am Arrival at the harbour: here, your guide or skipper will lead you to the Jeanneau yacht where a welcome drink cum tour of the yacht ensues. You are led to your rooms where your luggage or bags are well-taken care of and kept securely. After the short tour and chat with the guide, your luxurious voyage begins!

Your skipper or guide will lead you to the Jeanneau yacht to begin your journey

8:30 am The start of your journey can be tailored to your request. Some individuals will prefer to spend their time exploring the bay and hopping on islands. However, there are individuals whose preferred yachting respite is to while away the time, take in the ocean views and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast. Whichever route you choose, the firm ensures you can enjoy every moment of it. So, if you’re the hedonistic type who prefers the thrills and spills of water-based activities such as snorkelling or even diving, that can be arranged.

Enjoy light refreshments before you commence your journey

9:00 am to 12 noon: A three-hour respite means you can enjoy your oceanic day-trip – fast or slow. There are plenty of choice spots to set anchor and catch some Vitamin-D or even take a dip to cool off in the mid-day sun. Lunch is served on board, so you don’t have to worry about being hungry. Jeanneau yachts offer a luxurious, well-appointed stern for you to tuck into a tête-à-tête lunch. As your anchored craft bobs on the water, you can bond with your loved one or just take in the quietude of the green islets surrounding you.

You are under the safe hands of our trained skipper, unless you want to give it a try yourself…

12noon to 3 pm: What would an oceanic voyage be without some local knowledge, culture, or history? A visit to one of Halong Bay’s prized pearl farms is both insightful and educational. Here, you can witness the experts shucking oysters to extract their pearls. This experience is sure to entice anyone young or old. These pearl farms also offer merchandise for you to purchase as gifts or souvenirs. Those who prefer the more-informed experience can chat with the pearl experts on how they grade their pearls and how they maintain their oyster farms all year long.

Grab your camera because there are many picturesque moments in Halong Bay

3 pm to 6 pm: After exploring Halong Bay’s unique pearl-farming culture, you still have more time to indulge as a couple. You can choose to head to the bow of the Jeanneau yacht to catch some much-needed sun tanning moments, or perhaps, take up some line fishing if the skipper has the equipment. Snorkelling can also be enjoyed as the bay offers a vast array of marine life for you to take photos if you have an underwater camera. Choose to dock at Cat Ba island and you can take in more scenic island sights by exploring it on a bike. A ride through Cat Ba National Park promises plenty of fun and adventure. You can even opt to cycle through rural villages and watch locals go about their daily lives.

Enjoying drinks and food on the aft-deck of a Jeanneau yacht

6 pm to 9 pm: It’s time to unwind with dinner on the boat and catch the sights of floating villages with their lanterns lit. Relax on the yacht as you make your way back to the harbour and part-take in some shut-eye as the night beckons. Being on board with Vietyacht Marina Club is about enjoying the yachting lifestyle in the comfort of a well-appointed craft. As you imbibe the sights and sounds of Halong Bay’s exquisite natural features, this full-service or skippered day-trip is casual and relaxing for couples and families. You can make it personalised at every step of the way, so you make the most of your time. An experience like this can always be different and unique because you control your time!

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