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Can You Really Age Whiskey In Space?

Drinks giant Suntory has sent whisky to the International Space Station to test how zero gravity affects the drink’s “mellowness”.

Aug 25, 2015 | By AFPRelaxnews

International Space Station

An unmanned cargo ship loaded with emergency supplies — including Japanese whisky — successfully docked at the International Space Station early Tuesday, officials said.

But thirsty astronauts will have to keep their hands off the golden tipple — it’s a science experiment.

Drinks giant Suntory sent the booze to space so it could test how time in a zero-gravity environment affects its flavour.

suntory whisky

Researchers for the company have said that storing the beverage in an environment with only slight temperature changes and limited liquid movement could lead to a mellower flavour.

The cargo was placed inside the 5.5-tonne vessel Kounotori, which blasted off from southern Japan last Wednesday attached to an H-IIB rocket.

Suntory has previously won the world title for the world’s best whisky and produces the drink at the oldest distillery in Japan.

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