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The S$195K Royal Salute Platinum Jubilee Edition is a Collector’s Dream

The release of a limited-edition Royal Salute’s perfectly aged Scotch whisky, The Platinum Jubilee celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years of reign in style and prestige.

May 31, 2022 | By Jeremy Yip
Platinum Jubilee
Image: Royal Salute

As the United Kingdom (UK) commemorates Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne, many regard her as one of the most outstanding faces of the British monarchy. She has ruled longer than any other monarch in British history. During her 70 years of reign, the royal family has been integral in the shaping of the nation’s infrastructure. An affirmation of a solid and immovable relevance of the monarchy. Through her seven decades, we saw how Her Majesty guide the UK through its changing times but what did not change was her style. Being the most iconic figure of the UK, the Queen’s impeccable style required utmost attention.

From 2 June 2022, the kingdom will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for four days. To commemorate the special occasion, the Scottish whisky manufacturer Royal Salute has unveiled a limited edition, The Royal Salute Platinum Jubilee Edition. Deeply rooted in historical connectivity to the British monarchy, the first flagons of Royal Salute were created and gifted to the Queen on her coronation day in 1953. This time, the Scottish whisky distiller curated The Platinum Jubilee Edition, which amalgamates traditionalism and modernity, inspired by the timeless style of Queen Elizabeth II. The special collection has taken a considered design, much like Her Majesty’s sophistication.

Queen Elizabeth II
Image: Yahoo Life UK

Royal Salute’s homage to the Queen was through the symbolism of the brooches that she was accorded throughout her reign in the UK. The seven iconic brooches designs have been engraved on seven different decanters and box designs, all of which reflect the colour palette of her famous wardrobe of styles and iconic looks. In further commendation of the brooches, they are made of 18-carat yellow gold, and platinum and laid with 70 diamonds — much likened to the royalty’s crown jewel. The unveiling of the Platinum Jubilee Edition whisky is essentially the considerate nature of details and the appreciation of finer things in life.

A total of 147 decanters were crafted from the hand-blown Dartington crystal making it a work of art just like the taste of the specially created blend. Due to the unique craftsmanship of the decanters, whisky lovers that would love to indulge in the set could add this to their prized collection. While Royal Salute has enjoyed a stellar reputation over the last decades for its unique blend, the rarity of whisky found in the Platinum Jubilee is even more sought after. With no less than 21 years coupled with a blend of exquisite details, the S$195,000 price tag is well justified. It also adds a new dimension of taste that could easily be distinguished for whisky lovers — the range of notes include red apple, blackcurrant and toffee.

Royal Salute Bottle
Image: Royal Salute

A befitting celebration of the Queen’s regality and considered disposition during her Platinum Jubilee, The Royal Salute Platinum Jubilee Edition is not only a simple homage to her reign but a nuanced affirmation of her role as the ultimate embodiment of British heritage and history. It is also a bottle of pride that anyone would want to add to their collection because there would only be one available for sale in Singapore.

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