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Celebrate King Charles III Coronation with this US$25K Whisky from Royal Salute

Royal Salute commemorates the crowning of King Charles III by creating a blended expression that includes more than 53 varieties of malt and grain whiskies.

Apr 24, 2023 | By Joseph Low

In less than a month, the United Kingdom and the world will witness a new monarch ascending the English throne. King Charles III, will officially be crowned as King and Head of the Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey in London on 6 May 2023. Royal Salute is releasing a limited-edition whisky called the Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Royal Salute is a brand steeped in tradition and has been celebrating the milestones of Queen Elizabeth II during her 70 years of reign. The most recent occasion was Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, during which the whisky maker launched the Royal Salute Platinum Jubilee Edition. The brand was born to mark the coronation of the late Queen and the 21 gun salute that honoured her in 1953. In continuation of its tradition and royal lineage, there couldn’t be a more fitting moment for Royal Salute to pay homage once again.

The Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition is a blend of 53 rare malt and grain whiskies, and the number 53 harkens back to the year that the brand was first made known to the world. To blend all these together flawlessly was a job that Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop takes pleasure in and has been doing for 40 years. 

“This expression is a momentous tribute to both the British Monarchy and Royal Salute’s unique origin story. I wanted to mark this memorable occasion with a blend that was as iconic and special as the original Royal Salute 21 Year Old Signature Blend that was created in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1953,” shares Sandy Hyslop, Royal Salute Master Blender.

“Crafting this blend has been the perfect occasion to reflect on the innovative approach we’ve taken to blending whisky for the past 70 years, and a moment to look forward to what can be achieved in years to come.”

While continuation is an important part of any establishment, there should also be a differentiating factor that makes each generation distinct. For King Charles III, he has been slowly restructuring the British royal family by streamlining the team to just seven key members. He has also done away with traditional coronation robes for the upcoming big day and invited guests can either wear plain parliamentary robes or business attire — a poignant move to show his approach to modernising the age-old institution.

Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition wooden casing referenced the Westminister Abbey

Running in parallel to this new direction is how the Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition differs from the blend made to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s ascendency to the throne back in 1953. The original expression, Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Signature Blend for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, has hints of vanilla and orchard fruits that’s infused with subtle notes of sherry and a tinge of smokiness which lingers in the finish. In contrast, the new expression takes on a spicier finish with tasting notes of currents, dark chocolate, and roasted chestnuts on the palate, followed by sweet figs and ginger on the finish.

Nods to the British royal heritage can be seen on the facade of this exquisite liquid. The Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition is housed in a Dartington Crystal decanter that is said to represent the Imperial State Crown. As for the casing, it is a wooden box inspired by the designs of Westminister Abbey, which has been the coronation site since William the Conqueror. Inside the box, artwork modelled after each country’s emblems that make up the UK can be found.

Only 500 precious bottles of the Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition will be available at selected retailers for US$25,000. For more information, please visit

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