Uncharted Ibiza Launches New Ibiza Villa Experiences Laced with Adventure Concierge

See Ibiza with with a fresh pair of eyes.

Jul 16, 2021 | By LUXUO
Ibiza Golf Villa
Credit: Uncharted Ibiza

Ibiza has been with us for many years and offers some of the best cuisine and night-time experiences in the world. There have always been villas, however, Uncharted Ibiza’s villa selection is immense with over 600 quality villas on our books in every corner of Ibiza. Our aim is to combine all the well-known haunts with a premium villa experience while opening up the inner knowledge and leading you to the hidden Ibiza via one of our incredible adventure activities.

Uncharted Ibiza is here to connect you to the pulse and soul of Ibiza, the very corners and hidden wonders that even an experienced Ibiza pilgrim will have trouble finding.

With a combined knowledge of over 100 years in Ibiza, ex Thomas Cook Executive Jonni Davis, local villa gurus Nick Thompson and Matt McCormick, are ready to take you on a journey, which is suitable for all ages. Enjoying all the adventure activities from jet skiing, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving and hot air ballooning, and if that weren’t enough, Ibiza is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Combine that with the island’s legendary nightlife and you will understand just how much you can do out here. Uncharted Ibiza also runs a summer camp on the island for kids who to also discover the island in various ways while you partake in your own adventures locally.

Hot air balloon Ibiza
Take in the sights of Ibiza through a hot balloon ride. Credit: Uncharted Ibiza

Unchartered Ibiza is here to custom build your next Ibiza adventure — let them show you what Ibiza really has to offer!

No matter where you come from around the globe, Unchartered Ibiza is here to serve the needs of everyone. Their speciality lies in curating a special experience for you, whether is it to book a private jet at a moment’s notice, charter an exclusive book trip to trying out one of the many chefs or wellness instructors, your wish is their command. Get the most out of the island through a multi-visual adventure that will take you into the skies, under the sea or up the old Roman and Moorish trails and track, an unforgettable trip that will remain etched in your memory.

Uncharted Ibiza is here to excite, delight and deliver an experience like no other, something that everyone should consider taking the plunge to see Ibiza in a new light.

The Uncharted Ibiza APAs (Adventure Personal Assistants) have been selected for their extensive island knowledge and attention to detail to ensure you can seamlessly navigate through Ibiza. There are endless places to discover and so many different ways you can do it. From floating high above the clouds to zooming across the local waters on a jet ski or speedboat, to riding along hidden tracks, hike or diving into the stunning depths of Ibiza’s underwater secrets, they are all there for you to see the real Unchartered Ibiza. If golfing or dining out in some of the best restaurants in the world fits your bill, the APAs are there to make it happen.

Uncharted Ibiza has developed a bespoke service package portal where you can also discover what they are known for. We all know that music is the heart of Ibiza but are you looking for other activities to raise your adrenaline levels?

With over 100 years of experience in the hospitality industry, the crew at Uncharted Ibiza can give you access to services that you might have been looking for but not really had access to. And that’s about to change. Right now. Uncharted Ibiza is now live with over 600 villas and an army of APAs who are ready to give you an adventure of a lifetime!

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