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Bangkok’s K.R. Decorate Clinched Top Award at the 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The capital’s inexhaustible source of inspiration and creative energy fuels K.R. Decorate Co to be at the forefront of luxury design.

Jul 16, 2021 | By Joseph Low
K.R. Decorate Co executive team pic
Credit: K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd is the award winner of the “Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Thailand” conferred by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The sublime team consists of professionals and sophisticated interior designers with more than 20 years of experience. Past projects include high-end homes and apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels and resorts.

With each completed project, the team at K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd grows, improves and extends their range of competencies. What this means for clients is the assurance that only advanced and exceptional solutions are offered. At the heart of it all, the team constantly strives to provide excellence and first-class services.

Designing for a space requires a thorough understanding of what a client envisions while taking into account other limitations. Whatever the client decides to include, the specialists at K.R Decorate Co., Ltd will be able to advise accordingly to what works best for the space. Ultimately the bedrock for the design studio is unparalleled beauty.

K.R Decorate Co., Ltd is no stranger to winning various professional awards. Likewise for the panel at Luxury Lifestyle Awards, they were impressed with the team’s recent project. The “Private Residence Mr Thanid Chaikulngamdee” project exemplified the design capabilities of the team. The owner of the residential property, Mr Thanid, chose this three-story house located in the city reserve because it was close to his factory. Spanning 350-square-metre, the house will play host to VIP partners, friends and colleagues. And so the design studio was tasked to complete a brief that sought to marry work and leisure.

K.R. Decorate pantry
Credit: K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd
K.R. Decorate dining
Credit: K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd
K.R. Decorate lounge
Credit: K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd
K.R. Decorate closet
Credit: K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd

Undoubtedly, the project was a huge success as the team managed to transform the private residence into a palatial space. Interiors are fitted with exceptional decorations — an emphasis was placed on geometric shapes to give the house a contemporary setting — in glossy material juxtaposed with craft-like texture. “Simply east luxury style” is what the designers would describe the theme of the house to be. Another important consideration for K.R Decorate Co., Ltd when choosing materials for the decor was eco-friendliness so only recycled wood and odour-free spray paint were used.  

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