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Summer’s Calling: Part 1

Extraordinary summer vacations are making vacationers put down their beach read to refocus on the road less travelled.

Sep 14, 2018 | By Staff Writer

Mention summer vacations and idyllic images of European sojourns, music festivals, and road trips are conjured. While these holidays are great, they can require an extended leave of absence and can also be a pain to put together.

For this writer, summer vacations would ideally be languid and chill, freely kicking off shoes in the sand and simply reading a light paperback on the beach. However, summer beach holidays can get monotonous, where the 20th suntanning session on the resort deck chair has already caused the skin to peel and starts to blend into the same burning experience.

Therefore, a unique summer vacation that encompasses a once-in-a-lifetime experience raises the stakes. The laissez-faire spirit of a reimagined summer vacation has to live on, but extravagance needs to be added for more drama and panache. From staying in an underwater hotel room, living on board a luxurious yacht to sleeping in the wilderness, such summer vacations are set to impress and even spur beach bums into concrete action.

Sleeping with Sharks

Imagine sleeping with the corals, fishes, sharks, and creatures of the sea – except the guest is sprawled on the bed sipping wine and watching breathtaking aquatic adventures unfold. It is not an aquarium, but a bona fide hotel room suite designed and built by Conrad Maldives Rangali Island under the sea surface to blend into its marine environment. To top off the amazing aquatic experience, the requisite bathtub faces the ocean, ideal for soaking in views of the endless horizon on a hot summer day. Guests in need of fresh air can head to the upper level of the property. Here, they can view the gorgeous sunset while lazing on the deck.

This article was written by Rachel Ong. Read the full story at here.

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