Sicily Entices Tourists With a 50% Discount on all Post-Pandemic Flights

Sicily proposes a whopping €50 million scheme intended to revive the island’s post-pandemic tourism economy.

May 04, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Mount Etna

The largest Mediterranean island in Italy, known as Sicily has long lured tourists with its rich history, pristine beaches, diverse cuisine, and well-preserved archaeological and architectural sites. As of late, the island has gone beyond its mesmerizing Valley of the Temples, and Europe’s highest active volcano, Mount Etna, to announce its latest draw – significantly subsidized flights and accommodation.

Sicily Entices Tourists With a 50% Discount on all Post-Pandemic Flights

With all non-essential travel currently banned in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Sicily economy which relies heavily on tourism has taken an almost irrecoverable hit, losing over USD$1.09 billion in revenue since imposing a nationwide lockdown on March 10th.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Europe’s tourism sector employs 22.6 million people, equivalent to 11.2% of total European Union employment, and accounts for 9.5% of the bloc’s economy — a statistic which is higher in the region’s two hardest hit countries, Spain (14%) and Italy (13%). As a result, the European Commission has foreseen major retrenchment and loss of revenue within the global hospitality and tourism industry, estimating the loss of up to 50 million jobs worldwide, whilst seven million of which, are expected to be from Europe alone.

Keen to re-welcome visitors post-pandemic, Italy’s plans of easing the strict lockdown laws include reopening restaurants, takeaway-and-delivery services, whilst reigniting the country’s manufacturing and construction industries – despite amassing an approximate 2,143 infected rate and 232 death toll, out of the 68,729 individuals tested.

Proposing free tickets to a multitude of its museums and archaeological sites, alongside a 50% discount on all flight costs, and a third of hotel expenses, Italy’s most enticing tourism revival scheme, is scheduled to take effect by Autumn and is worth a whopping €50 million, financed by the region’s tourism department.

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