Reconnect with the World at SOORIYA Resort & Spa

Nature, untouched. Reconnect with mother nature at SOORIYA Resort & Spa.

Jan 19, 2022 | By Joseph Low & Sarah Ridzwan
sooriya resort and spa masssage
Image: SOORIYA Resort & Spa

It has been more than a year since the majority of us had visited another country. As more vaccinated travel lanes are created, 2022 is looking promising for travel. Therefore, it might be an opportune timing to do some light globetrotting. For those looking for a country that’s not too mainstream, why not consider Sri Lanka? With rich and authentic culture, incredible landscapes, and pristine beaches, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to indulge in one’s wanderlust.

With resorts aplenty in the country’s more popular places, a retreat at the stunning SOORIYA Resort & Spa makes it the ideal location. The resort is situated on Sri Lanka’s Southern Province, which is a location for unbridled escapism with its lush greens and stunning beaches. Furthermore, the Rekawa Sanctuary — known for its Turtle Conservation Project outstanding natural beauty — is just a stone throw away.

Other fascinating cultural sites, beaches and famous landmarks are all within easy reach, making SOORIYA Resort & Spa a great prime base for any keen explorer. Should any guests wish to visit these places, bookings can be made at the resort — including Yala National Park, Mulkirigala, Kataragama, Rekawa Lagoon, and Mirissa.

sri lanka turtle beach
Image: SOORIYA Resort & Spa

One of the highlights of any resort is its array of spa treatments. At SOORIYA Resort & Spa, it boasts a spectacular Ayurveda Spa where guests can indulge in a bespoke treatment package. Ayurveda is a type of treatment that has been passed down for many generations in Sri Lanka and the aim of it is to rebalance the mind, body and spirit using ancient and exotic healing therapies.

Professionals work together to unveil your personal dosha’s, helping to realign your biological energies for tip-top health and fulfilment. Specific treatments are also offered for personal ailments, such as arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, and even a Covid recovery programme.

sri lanka beach view
Image: SOORIYA Resort & Spa

To achieve the best results, the spa is conveniently situated atop the resort where it is surrounded by nature. The high vantage point makes it the ideal place to catch the early morning sun or sunsets. The stunning rooftop is also where yoga classes are conducted. Besides that, the pool and sun terrace also overlooks the vast ocean — giving you a magnificent backdrop to focus on wellness and unwind.

Food at SOORIYA Resort & Spa comes from all over, options include eastern, western and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. As for those who had opted for a wellness package, a personalised menu will be created to complement the healing therapy. Adhering to the highest standards and bearing in mind the health benefits of the ingredients, the resort is proud to say that it supports eco-friendly farming and sustainable fishing. All of its ingredients are locally sourced and include carefully selected vegetables from local markets and supplemented from the resorts own market garden when available, along with the freshest catch from the sea.

sooriya resort and spa suite
Image: SOORIYA Resort & Spa

The resort has 36 rooms, with each offering breathtaking views of the ocean and enviable lush green surroundings — you can’t help but switch off and lose yourself in nature. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a welcoming team that goes the extra mile to make your stay as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Voted “Travellers’ Choice 2021” by TripAdvisor, its unique location makes it the ideal retreat for intrepid explorers, a peaceful getaway, and those looking for something off the beaten track.

Prices start from US$100 per room per night. Special bespoke packages can be made to suit individual needs for 7-, 14-, or 28-day stays combining wellness and other activities. Head over to for more information.

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