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Interview: Maison Simba Bali Designer and Manager, Eric Van Bruggen

Looking for a luxury home to rent in Bali? Maison Simba, a luxury accommodation option, welcomes you in a breath-taking setting, just a few kilometres from Tanah Lot Temple

Mar 11, 2022 | By Staff Writer

Maison Simba Bali

There is no place quite like Bali. Known as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, the Indonesian island offers visitors unspoiled beaches, breathtaking natural sites and a vibrant cultural life.

When choosing where to stay on the Indonesian island, there are options aplenty. From luxury hotels to guest houses that overlook rice fields, visitors can get an experience tailored to their needs.

Away from the luxury chain hotels lining the coast, some luxury properties offer rooms to rent in the heart of the island. Those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture, and have a taste of Bali at its best, can look no further than the bed & breakfast known as Maison Simba.


Located near Tanah Lot Temple, Maison Simba is a warm and inviting guest house, that evokes a sense of tranquillity with its decor. LUXUO spoke to the Maison designer and manager, Eric Van Bruggen, about the property and Bali.

As someone who hails from Europe, an area filled with beautiful luxury properties, what made you decide to come to Bali?

Eric: I came to Bali by chance. After organising a wedding in the South of France, my clients who owned a house in Bali decided to organise another wedding on the Island of Gods.

I fell in Love with Bali, as soon as I rented a motorbike and escaped far from Seminyak or Kuta. A Belgian friend had just built a house and offered to host me if I was to come back, which I did, one year later.

During a stay in Singapore, I met a fantastic couple, very open to the European culture and taste. After a few meetings in Bali, they asked me to design a house for them and gave me free rein over the interior design. They are away from Bali most of the time, travelling around, so they asked me if I was willing to turn the place into a guest house and manage it. We really want to insist on the concept of a “Private House” as I wrote on the brochure, “Welcome to my House”!

As an interior Designer and an art enthusiast, could you tell us more about what inspired the decor at Maison Simba?

Maison Simba’s architecture is inspired by the Black and White Singaporean houses, built by the English during the colonial era with just one difference: Maison Simba is green and white.

The idea was to create a cosy atmosphere, using local materials. I drew my inspiration from some photos, taken at the beginning of the 20th century, aiming to replicate the original look and feel, while adding my personal touch.

I paid particular attention to the three living rooms. Two are outside life spaces, located on the terraces and are equipped with fans while one is inside the house and is decked out in blue and white. The indoor living room hosts a few collections of artworks: painted shells, blue and white porcelains.

Art is a prominent component of the decoration and we are especially proud of the old Javanese furniture we found in the antique shops in Bali.


The indoor lounge hosts the manager’s collections of artworks and souvenirs, including, among many others, vases and dishes from China Quien Long era, a bronze bust of the first President of Indonesia, and paintings by Willy Levy.

What are the unique qualities of Maison Simba and its location?

Maison Simba is, first of all, a private house where we want our clients to feel like guests. The house is furnished and decorated like a home. The pool is between the river with its little waterfall and the house. Surrounded by the rice fields, the river and its “jungle”, Maison Simba is located in a small Balinese village and four kilometres from Tanah Lot and the fabulous Nirwana Golf Course. The Balinese staff of four, hail from the village.

What can guests expect on their visit?

To live a new experience in Bali far from the busy Seminyak! They can explore the surrounding areas and I can help them to find the best places. Of course, breakfast is included. I can arrange for rent a car with driver and if they want to have lunch or dinner at home, they can order it 24 hours in advance. Yoga classes and massages can be arranged in the balé between the pool and the river. And of course, the Nirwana Golf Course nearby makes Maison Simba a unique place to stay for golfers.

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