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Best places to travel in 2017: Where to go for a holiday next year, according to Frommer’s

In case you need vacation ideas for 2017, we’ve spotlight six great cities – which includes Nashville, Paris and Sulawesi – from Frommer’s list of top destinations in 2017 so you can start planning pronto

Dec 27, 2016 | By AFP Relaxnews

The travel experts at Frommer’s have released their picks for the top destinations to visit in 2017 — a list of 17 cities singled out for enjoying a booming resurgence, for becoming an emerging destination, or for marking a milestone anniversary. Here are six on the honour roll that you should make plans for, if you haven’t already:

Montreal, Quebec
While Canada fetes its 150th anniversary next year, 2017 will also mark Montreal’s 375th birthday, in what’s sure to make the city “party central” for much of the year, says Frommer’s. A total of 175 events are planned over the next 12 months, including multimedia light shows and the premiere of a new opera based on music from Pink Floyd called “Another Brick in the Wall.”

Nashville, Tennesse (Photo credit: SeanPavonePhoto / via AFP)

Nashville, Tennesse (Photo credit: SeanPavonePhoto / via AFP)

Nashville, Tennessee
Editors at Frommer’s point to the city’s dynamic dining landscape, legendary music scene and college town vibes for inspiring an estimated 85 people to move to the city a day. Visitors will also want to bookmark August 21 on their calendar, when the city becomes the only US city in direct viewing line for the solar eclipse.


Paris, France
In the aftermath of the terror attacks that besieged the city in 2015, the crowds have thinned, making traditionally one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world far less crowded. In fact, with hotel occupancy rates down 30 percent and a competitive currency exchange between the euro and the US dollar, “Paris is suddenly affordable” and its high temples of gastronomy no longer merely pipe dreams.

Sulawesi, Indonesia
Indonesia is not just Bali. For travelers who’ve already done Bali and bought the T-shirt to prove it, editors recommend checking out the island of Sulawesi, home to verdant rice paddies, mountains, beaches and forests that hold the world’s smallest monkeys.

Karasjok, Norway
The year 2017 is predicted to be the peak of an 11-year cycle for Northern Lights watching. And for the best view of the celestial light show, editors recommend hitting up Karasjok in Norway, an area that’s void of light pollution and offers a higher chance of clear skies thanks to its inland location.

Doha, Qatar
Long overshadowed by its flashier neighbors Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Doha is hoping to squeeze into the Middle East’s tourism market with expansion projects that will improve city infrastructure, bring a state-of-the-art subway system to the city and build new bridges. At least 14 new hotels are expected to open in 2017 alone. Aside from Pearl Qatar, the artificial island that houses luxury hotels, residences and retail spaces, the city is also working to become a cultural destination, with the Museum of Islamic Art, opera house and Souk Waqif, a traditional marketplace.

The other destinations to make the list include San Francisco and the Bay area; Bermuda; The Pantanal; The Mississippi River; The Panama Canal; Nan Madol, Micronesia; Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda; Martin Luther’s Germany; Katahdin Woods and Waters, Maine; Fatima, Portugal and Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.

For the full list, visit Frommer’s website.


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