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Mayor revealed plans to pedestrianise London’s Oxford Street

London’s new pedestrianised Oxford Street will offer Londoners a new understanding of contemporary public spaces through the healthy transformation that is going to be cleaner and safer for everyone

Nov 09, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Road signage and faces we used to see have changed and so it is with places. The city will offer Londoners a new understanding of contemporary public spaces through the healthy transformation of Oxford Street that is going to be “substantially cleaner and safer for everyone”, said London mayor Sadiq Khan, to serve local residents and businesses.

Next year, a big project will be taking place in Oxford Street with new plans underway and addressed in three phases. Londoners will expect to see the famous street west of Oxford Circus in Oxford Street, which receives millions of visitors yearly, further developed into “a traffic-free pedestrian boulevard,” announced Mayor Khan.

The new development is essential to contribute to a “traffic-free”, finest public spaces in the world” and where local businesses and famous stores will continue to thrive further.

As the intended changes take place, plans in the big project seek to address air quality concerns, high level accident rates (estimated to be about 60 a year) and obviously, the massive overcrowding in the day, also a peak period. In addition, the Elizabeth Line transport services which are part of the new developments “is expected to significantly increase visitor numbers in the area” according to Transport for London.

A new look of the pedestrianised London’s Oxford Street

In view of all these massive changes, imminent, creating a traffic-free area for the safety and convenience of all passengers are the top priority. The mayor will continue to work closely with residents and collaborate with businesses and Westminster Council “to ensure the plans are the very best they can be.”

Meantime, a listing of the proper plans are put in place, according to CityA.M., a UK and World business and finance news and economic, there will be new seating placed on the pavement, cyclists will have to dismount their bikes when travelling through that section, additional six pedestrian crossings will be created along Wigmore Street with two new bus routes to operate and public pavements to widen to enhance the public space.

CityA.M. also commented that this project is “funded by the government and major local landowners and employers in the area, would look to be in place by 2021,” and TfL commissioner Mike Brown told City A.M. pointed out that “all of the Elizabeth Line stations will be fully accessible and step free”, improving how people can get in and out of Oxford Street.

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