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A Hassle-free Mediterranean Odyssey

Many dream to experience the halcyon climate and gastronomical treats of the Mediterranean. With Turkey Luxury Gulet, it is a dream no longer

Jun 10, 2019 | By Leon Ngiam

We cannot agree more that sailing is probably the best way to explore the Mediterranean, especially if you are not the one wracking your head over the logistical humdrum

A Hassle-free Mediterranean Odyssey

The mention of a Mediterranean holiday evokes a vignette of azure waters edged by cloudy blue skies, topped with exotic local flavours. Ideally, one would be sailing across the serene landscape on a luxurious yacht sipping the finest champagne accompanied by Beluga caviar. But planning a Mediterranean holiday can be a logistical nightmare. For instance, one has to find the appropriate yacht, hire the right crew, and preparing the daily meals. Let’s not even get started on port taxes and fuelling.

Capitalising on its 14 years experience as a luxury gulet charter specialist, Turkey Luxury Gulet fills this void perfectly by curating a Mediterranean holiday experience that takes care of the nitty-gritties—from the choice of gulet (deriving its name from the French goulette, or schooner is a two-masted wooden vessel, usually used for transport along the southern coasts of Turkey), route, food to any administrative humdrum.


Of the countless gulet options available, Turkey Luxury Gulet conscientiously inspects nearly 600 luxury gulets, selecting only 50 of the finest from the lot. Amongst its fleet, the most exclusive gulet has to be the All About U. An impressive vessel with 6 cabins, and accommodating up to 12 guests. Just as the name implies, the 50 metres long gulet is serviced by a stalwart crew of eight to ensure a hassle-free and exceptional experience from start to end. Inside, guests will revel in the lavish and spacious interior lined with scores of windows, in essence, bringing nature’s awesome vistas into the cabin spaces within.



To top it off, adrenaline junkies will also be enamoured by the amenities available—tender boats, water skis, jet skis, seabobs, kayaks, fishing gears, snorkels… Each gulet, big or small, promises a different but no less stupendous experience with exciting activities, scrumptious food and awe-inspiring views.



Not to forget that food is also an important part of Mediterranean vacation, Turkey Luxury Gulet ups the ante by giving their customers the liberty to curate their menu offerings based on their preferences. To do that, in-House Turkish food expert will procure the freshest and finest ingredients and drinks from the Mediterranean and work with the on-board chef to create an exquisite menu for the journey. The fastidious devotion to quality and detail comes to fruition when the guests feast contentedly, overlooking the scenic horizon.



On that note, customers may also dictate their itinerary according to their interests. Be it a desire to immerse in nature or a fascination with the history and culture of coastal cities along the Mediterranean, Turkey Luxury Gulet will gladly indulge them, as they had with the past 650 gulet charters and over 10,000 guests. Daunting as it seems to decide the perfect itinerary, and fearing to miss out on the best sites, you can consider some sample itineraries for reference before discussing with a coordinator from Turkey Luxury Gulet.

Indeed, the Mediterranean is deservedly heralded for its exotic allure; a cultural, gastronomical and natural paradise that cannot be better experienced than voyaging along its picturesque coasts with all your needs looked after by a dedicated team. On that luxury oasis, let your senses be overwhelmed by a civilisation uncorrupted by modernity and by Mother Nature’s finest creations.

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