The Little Flower Hut is Singapore’s Speediest Flower Delivery Service

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate, thanks to the Little Flower Hut’s cheap daily flowers worth $29 and free same day delivery services.

Sep 15, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

With an aim to provide all customers with affordable and exquisite flower arrangements, the professional florists of Little Flower Hut, have successfully amassed a 99% customer satisfaction rate across Singapore. Catering to every occasion including but not limited to, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, prom nights, farewell parties, and funerals, Little Flower Hut even offers cheap daily flowers worth $29 and free same day delivery services.

The Little Flower Hut is Singapore’s Speediest Flower Delivery Service

Tell us about Little Flower Hut and when it was founded?

 I loved flowers since I was young. The colours, textures, and shapes interest me. It makes me very happy every time I see flowers. It all started when I was in my tertiary school days when I went around asking my male friends whether they require flowers for valentine’s day. Flowers are expensive especially on valentine’s day, and my friends do not have the means to buy flowers to impress their partner at that time. So I decided to come out with a plan to create some small bouquets to sell to my classmates and at the same time earn some pocket money for myself. During these times, I have to juggle both my school work and fulfill my valentine’s day orders. I did everything from purchasing of flowers, preparations (like trimming of flowers), wrapping up into beautiful hand bouquets, to even the delivery of the flowers. I was really busy and tired but it’s all worthwhile because I got to see the smile on the recipient’s face when they received the bouquet I arranged. These smiles and sense of fulfillment really made my day, which was what sparked Little Flower Hut’s slogan: Little Flower Hut, The Hut that Touches the Hearts.

In 2010 it marked the official birth of Little Flower Hut. I am a firm believer in company values so when I started my floral company, I told my team to always remember the acronym, CREATE.

Creativity- Innovative in designs 

Reliability- Responsive to our customer 

Efficiency- Quick flower delivery 

Affordability- Sourcing for the best value 

Transparency- No hidden charges

Eco- Friendly- Green and sustainable practices wherever possible.

To date, our company has over 1200 products, making us one of the largest flowers and gifts selection online in Singapore. Not only will our diverse types of flowers surprise you, but our personalised flower delivery service will surely impress you as well. Try us and see for yourself!

Which are your signature bouquets? 

We are very proud to show off our Teddy Bear Flower arrangement!

You can only find this teddy bear flower arrangement in our store. Our team took many hours to come out with something really special for the customer and we did it from scratch.

 We have recently introduced a new teddy bear to our family – Mr. Stay Safe. It is a Teddy Bear wearing a mask. This is in line with our new normal being implemented by our Singapore Government to remind everyone to be socially responsible by wearing a mask and practicing good hygiene.

Our other specialty is the very popular Happy Hour Flower collection. It is handcrafted by our florist in a drinking glass to toast to any celebration. 

How do you select the flowers and ensure their provenance is eco-friendly? 

It’s all about sustainable flowers. Getting locally grown flowers from a local florist is so much better for the environment as there are lesser carbon emissions. However, due to land scarcity in Singapore and our climate, we do not have many choices for fresh cut flowers.

Since flowers are not edible, they do not have many regulations on pesticide usage. With that information, I will try to find out where the flowers are coming from and select a grower who uses natural fertilizers and safe pesticides which are not damaging to our environment. I believe that creating a demand for organic, pesticide-free flowers are important for the environment.

 How easy is it to buy flowers from Little Flower Hut?

At Little Flower Hut, a fuss-free shopping experience is always our top priority. I always let my customers know that we’re just a few clicks away.

 There are several easy ways to place orders with us:

  • Firstly, by visiting our website at The website is easy to navigate and with only a few clicks, you are done buying. When an order is made, an automation email will be sent to confirm your order. Next, when the flower is out and ready to go, our customer will be informed that the flower is on its way. Lastly, when the flower is delivered, the buyer will be notified again. We make it all seamless.


  • Ordering flowers can also be made via phone call at +65 6503 9750. We are 24/7 on standby to pick up your call.


  • One can also send a direct message or have an online chat with our friendly customer service via live WhatsApp chat. 


  • We are also available on social media platforms like Instagram (@littleflowerhutsg) or Facebook (@flowerdelivery55555)

What guarantee in terms of freshness are you offering customers who purchase online?

 In terms of freshness, we hold a high standard of quality checks and assurance. We only deliver the freshest flowers to our customers, nothing less. 

You can deliver in one hour, all across Singapore?

Yes, you are right. We cater to a 1-hour super express flower delivery service for very urgent circumstances or last-minute gifting.

Over the years, we noticed that some of our customers overlook certain special dates due to their busy work schedules. This is why we came up with the super express flower delivery, to ensure that our customer’s expression will be delivered on time to bring a big smile to their recipients.

 Did you win any Awards over the past years?

Well, sadly no, as Little Flower Hut has yet to join any competition. However, what is more rewarding than when a customer comes back and says, “Thank you Little Flower Hut for the beautiful flowers, the recipient is happy, and thank you for catering to my last minute’s requests.” In short, a happy customer is a reward we would love to receive.

We notice you sell hampers too, tell us more about the choice you are offering to customers?

Apart from our flowers, our hampers come in a variety of choices for any occasion – Get-well-soon hampers, Chocolate hampers, Fruit baskets, gourmet hampers, baby hampers, and many more. We cater to any customer who would like to customize their hampers too, without burning a hole in their wallet.

 What factors made you become Singapore’s best leading online florist?

Other than the acronym “CREATE” that I previously shared, I guess it is our love and passion for flowers and not forgetting my team’s dedication and hard work that ties it all together.

Our team believes in the same dream – passion for flowers to make beautiful hand-bouquets for the recipient so they will always remember the joyful experience when receiving the flowers, and hoping that the memory will last forever.

Where do you see Little Flower Hut in three years? Venturing into additional businesses?

Probably venturing into sustainable flower growing. I want to create a demand for organic, pesticide-free flowers so one day you might just be able to see flowers on your dinner plate.


About Little Flower Hut

Name: Little Flower Hut

Address: 25 Jalan Chegar S578483

Tel: +65 6503 9750



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