East Meets West: Switzerland is The Perfect Place for Your Chinese Wedding

Explore various options to achieve the perfect balance of Swiss charm and Chinese culture to wow your guests and to have the most perfect setting to say “I do”.

Feb 03, 2022 | By Joseph Low
Couple at a chocolate shop
Image: Switzerland Tourism

More than just a celebration of the union of a couple, Chinese weddings are marked by rituals, traditions and symbolism of prosperity, abundance and happiness for the newly-weds. To ensure that the big day is one that will forever be etched in the memories of the couple and those who have attended, a perfect location has to be chosen. And Switzerland is the perfect country to exchange one’s vows as a married couple.

Towering mountain ranges, charming villages and world-class hospitality — are just some of the defining characteristics of Switzerland. While these might seem like the perfect holiday destination, it is also the best place to hold a wedding that is rooted in Chinese customs.

Here are the top three reasons why you should conduct your Chinese wedding in Switzerland.

Picturesque Views

Proposal at Glacier 3000 on the suspension bridge. Image: Switzerland Tourism
Proposal at Glacier 3000 on the suspension bridge
Image: Switzerland Tourism
Wedding couple at Lac Retaud
Image: Switzerland Tourism

There is no doubt that Switzerland has unparalleled views. The country is home to some of the world’s most famous sights such as the Swiss Alps, Matterhorn, Lake Geneva and others. Its stunning surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for your nuptials. The choice is yours: to hold the reception amongst the splendid mountain ranges or alongside a lake.

There are no other places that can beat the splendid sights of Switzerland and it is the ideal location to host a lavish, eight-course Chinese wedding banquet that is much to the pleasure of any Chinese parents!

Otherworldly Charm

Chinese Wedding couple on the horse carriage in Gstaad
Chinese Wedding couple on the horse carriage in Gstaad. Image: Switzerland Tourism

If the grandeur of Switzerland’s natural wonder is too much to take in, the country is home to countless historical landmarks and locales. Its churches and chapels make a perfect contrast between Eastern and Western cultures. Aside from these places, Swiss villages are also a great destination to host an intimate ceremony. The beautiful blend of diverse cultures is sure to make a Chinese wedding in Switzerland an unforgettable occasion for everyone involved.

Top-notch Hospitality

Chinese Tea Ceremony - The Alpina Gstaad.
Chinese Tea Ceremony — The Alpina Gstaad. Image: Switzerland Tourism
Image: Switzerland Tourism

While the alpine landscape and rustic towns are the best assets of Switzerland, Swiss hospitality is actually a major factor that attracts not only tourists but also couples looking for a memorable wedding experience.

Unveiling of the bride
Unveiling of the bride, The Alpina Gstaad. Image: Switzerland Tourism

At the core of any Swiss hospitality service is paying attention to details and this quality is of utmost importance to Chinese weddings because of the intricacies involved. Some of the traditions include: hair combing ceremony, gatecrashing, the unveiling of the bride, the bride’s departure, Chinese Tea ceremony, a wedding banquet. These events need an expert team and the Swiss have a wealth of experience to back it, therefore making Switzerland the ideal location for a Chinese wedding.

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