10 Healthy Tips on How To Get Fit for Your Wedding

Get into the best fit ever for your wedding with these wedding fitness tips that will have you feeling great and healthy, even before your big day.

Jan 10, 2023 | By LUXUO
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There is so much to get done when planning a wedding. From huge commitments like your wedding venue and wedding dress, to smaller items like your bride box and party favours. While this whirlwind of activities might be sufficient to get some brides fit for a wedding. You might need a more structured regimen if you want the perfect fitting on your special day.

To help you, we have listed here our top tips and tricks to help the modern bride get in shape for her wedding. You will be surprised how even “miss to mrs bridal boxes” can provide you with the best wedding fitness motivation before your big day. 

Stick with us to learn how to get in shape for your wedding, on time too. 

Bridal Boxes

Bridal boxes are a delight to get when planning for a wedding. They have items relevant to every stage in the wedding planning, even when you are considering getting in shape for your wedding. A bride subscription box is a one-stop shop for all things bridal. So, at the planning stage, a “miss to mrs bridal box” is one item you should consider getting.

If you’re going to have a 6-month wedding workout or even less, then this wedding subscription box is the one for you. It comes with a wrist wallet, a fancy bride water bottle with time stamps to help keep you hydrated. It also has a planner for your wedding fitness plan, a recipe card to help with your diet, and more. The “miss to mrs bride box” should definitely be top on your list for bridal box subscriptions that can get you through those wedding exercises.

Find a wedding workout buddy

Something that can help a lot with your wedding fitness, is a wedding workout buddy. This could be your partner or friend, but having someone to workout with can assist a lot with accountability and motivation. 

Keep track of your workout

Keep track of your workouts. If possible, have a bridal fitness plan that will keep you on track to reaching your fitness goal. Treat your workouts like an important meeting that cannot be missed, and they will become as important to you.

Walk with weights

Cardio is important for burning unwanted body fat and for posture. A good idea would be to hold weights while power walking. If you don’t have weights, you could always substitute with water bottles. 


Planks are great for achieving an hourglass figure. They can also activate the natural corset of your body. Don’t forget to pull in your belly, have your shoulders wide apart and hips off the floor. 

Mix it up

It is easy to get bored with your workouts, especially if you have the same routine every day. So, mix it up and make sure your training varies if you’re planning on staying interested and on top of your schedule. You could even add a new activity from time to time, like skipping cycling, a spinning class, or swimming. 

Get a playlist

The right workout playlist can have you looking forward to your workout every day. Look for the music with the right intensity and speed to keep you in the groove. You can find all types of compilations online, from reggae to hip hop workout tunes. 

Don’t forget your diet

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Diet goes hand in hand with workouts if you’re looking to get fit. Even the best pre-wedding workouts would be moot without good diet. If you’re going to get rid of that muffin top and other body fat, then consider your intake. A keto or paleo diet might work for you depending on your fitness level and possible dietary restrictions. 

Keep your curves

You can lose weight without losing your curves. If you will like to remain shapely, introduce resistance training to tone your muscles, and interval cardio training to burn fat. This should help you reach the figure you aim to achieve. 


Incorporating walks into your daily routine is a good way to lose weight. A morning walk can help clear your head, help you think better and set your schedule for the day. Also, certain distances you’re used to driving or taking the bus to, can be substituted with walks if they’re under an hour. 

Fitness should be a lifestyle. But if you’re looking to get fit for a wedding, then it has a specific timeline. With some of the best pre-wedding workouts, you can easily reach your fitness goals within the time that you have. So, start now, do the best you can to get the best fit for the most special day in your life. 

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