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Summer’s Up – TWG Tea’s range of new delish teas to cool you down!

Thirst quenching new teas from TWG Tea prove that the simplest joys can be enjoyed at home!

Jul 07, 2019 | By Joe Lim

TWG Tea’s latest teapots and delish iced teas demonstrate that the brand is always in tune with customers’ needs and trends. These new items are perfect to turn down the heat!

The blue-tinted tea Carafe from TWG Tea

Enjoy a bona fide summer spread with TWG Tea’s bevvy of 15 new and refreshing iced teas from their tongue-pampering Iced Teabag Collection (i.e. includes flavours such as Eternal Summer Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea, Pink Flamingo Tea and Cocktail Hour Tea). The beverages can be poured delicately from the brand’s eight, new coloured Iced Tea Carafes made of lightweight but sturdy Plexiglas sporting a baroquestyle handle. This is serious business for ultimate tea lovers everywhere!

Apple-infused tea from TWG Tea

TWG Tea’s Pomme Prestige iced tea offers a fruity, luscious note of summery apples that greet your palate with freshness. Believe it or not – a single teabag makes a 1L wholesome jug of
delicious iced tea!

Stylish new teapots from TWG Tea

Tea lovers unite! TWG Tea’s iconic ceramic teapots now come in nine divine shades of pastels and metallic hues (i.e. red, yellow, pink, turquoise, green, sea green and violet) that are protected by their polished, feltlined stainless steel warmers, making the Design Orchid Teapots a real showstopper when you serve them for tea! These uber-stylish teapots come in two sizes – 500ml and 900ml – where specially-designed, removable filters allow tea leaves to develop their
delectable aromas. Now, pouring tea can be elevated into an art form!

TWG Tea orchid teapots

Our pick of TWG Tea’s Design Orchid Teapots are clearly red, yellow, and violet. Their uplifting colours will definitely inspire you to whip up a refreshing tea-time treat for friends and family. Even when not in use, they will add a delightful accent to your kitchen space! TWG Tea’s Design Orchid Collection and Iced Teabag Collection are now available at all TWG Tea locations in Singapore. Read more about TWG Tea’s 10th anniversary

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