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Celebrate TWG Tea’s 10th Anniversary at the Newly Renovated TWG Tea Garden at Marina Bay Sands

TWG Tea which is celebrating their 10th anniversary, is like the tea that only gets stronger with time and brews – with much to celebrate this year.

Nov 02, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

Very few tea leaves retain their flavour and colour after the first few brews. A tea that manages to turn that fact on its head and get stronger with repeated brews is the Pu’er, with some claiming 20 or more infusions of tea from one pot of leaves. In that regard, TWG Tea which is celebrating their 10th anniversary, is like the tea that only gets stronger with time and brews – with much to celebrate this year.

TWG Tea, first opened their inaugural Salon & Boutique in Singapore in 2008 and 2018 is an exciting year after its decade-long journey. Reaching their 10th Anniversary, TWG Tea is now distributed in 42 countries, with 70 boutiques in 19 countries, and have solidified their place in nine countries in Asia with long traditions of tea.

Celebrate TWG Tea’s 10th Anniversary

In celebration of TWG Tea’s achievements, milestones and successes over the last 10 years, the brand’s co-founders Taha Bouqdib and Maranda Barnes hosted guests at a 10th Anniversary retrospective at TWG Tea Garden at Marina Bay Sands on September’18. Guests were treated to a visual and gustatory spectacle in the intimate event. The newly renovated location was filled with beautiful displays showcasing a decade of tea innovation while tea infused menus and refreshments were served. The delightful party was graced by prolific fashion illustrator Grace Ciao who personalised one of a kind “MyTWG” cards for invited guests and singer Kexin Tay serenaded the event with soothing jazz.

TWG Tea continues their voyage to world tea domination with its entrance into the European market through London, a country known for its tea drinking culture.

The expansion sees the opening of TWG Tea’s Salon & Boutiques at 2 places in London, TWG Tea Salon & Boutique Knightsbridge and TWG Tea Salon & Boutique Leicester Square. The decor of both locations draw on Asian and European traditions to introduce a blend of contemporary refinement with timeless elegance.

The Leicester Square’s location is especially unique as the 1920s Communications House in Leicester Square has been transformed into a retail boutique with a patisserie counter, a 120-seat Tea Salon flanked by a dramatic stairway adorned with antique Chinese screens on the railings. Inside is also the world’s first TWG Tea Museum, featuring exceptional vintage artefacts and antique tea wares from all over the world.

The location choice of London is perfect not only from a business perspective but also works in tendem with TWG Tea’s vision of building a culture of tea appreciation that is associated with fashion, luxury and lifestyle. The fashion capital of UK is the same city that gave brith to the Mod subculture, Supermodel Twiggy and fashion icon David Bowie.

Alongside its London opening, TWG Tea also debuts its latest Haute Couture Tea to celebrate the 10-year milestone of the brand and its Haute Couture Tea Collection. A black tea blended with sweet notes of caramel and rose is TWG Tea’s monumental 100th tea blend to launch. Mirroring the fashion calendar, the collection introduces trendsetting creations four times a year, in line with the seasons and reflecting the brand’s cosmopolitan appeal. The packaging draws inspiration from the latest trends in colour and design, weaving together to create a highly attractive packaging incorporated with splashes of modernity, playfulness and whimsical illustrations to match its spirited Haute Couture tea blends.

TWG Tea also launches an ultra-modern global omni-channel eCommerce website and a by-invitation-only membership programme. The website’s user interface has been designed for a fluent flow for the customer while still conveying the brand’s signature in-store experience online. In the platform, tools that provide an intimate experience are available; such as a customised gifting guide, a bespoke service for selecting tea tins for packaging loose teas, and a tea connoisseur function for tea recommendations to suit individual taste. Furthermore, information about TWG Tea’s extensive product range of 800 different harvests, exclusive hand crafted tea blends, signature tea accessories and delicate tea-infused treats will be at the user’s fingertips through the website.

Lastly, TWG Tea’s by-invitation-only membership programme, “MyTWG”, features two tiers of membership – Green and Gold. Designed to be personal and rewarding, every detail of the customer’s interaction with the brand offline and online is carefully considered and choreographed. Customers are also entitled to special privileges and global rewards redeemable online or in-store.

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