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Dine Naked at The Bunyadi, London

Enter a secret Pangea-like world where clothes aren’t required at the dinner table.

Apr 21, 2016 | By Shatricia Nair

If it has always been a fantasy to eat in the buff with complete strangers, get ready to strip at The Bunyadi, a pop-up naked restaurant where customers are more than welcome to remove all clothes and get comfy.

Opening this summer in central London at an as yet undisclosed address, the naked restaurant already boasts a 4,000-person waiting list. Meal-goers are invited to remove all articles of clothing (yes, that includes your underwear) and change into a gown; punters can then choose whether to keep or remove the gown at their table. Privacy is maintained by bamboo partitions on the restaurant floor, closing off diners in intimate space and keeping prying eyes at bay. Members of staff are also expected to be minimally clothed.

Named after a Hindi term for ‘base’ or ‘natural’, The Bunyadi’s concept goes beyond food. The idea to free diners from the “trappings of modern life” and focus on the bare essentials means that dishes are cooked over wood fire and served in handmade clay crockery – over candlelight no less. The cutlery will also be edible and vegan and non-vegan options will be available.

Diners intrigued by the concept but not quite brave enough to go the whole hog can be rest assured that keeping your clothes on are also an option at the non-naked section. Join the waiting list today at


This story was written in-house, with an AFP wire report as the source. There are as yet no images of what the restaurant actually looks like.




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