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Chef Alain Ducasse to open a new restaurant in Paris

The seasoned chef has announced the revival of one of his former restaurant concepts, as well as an upcoming documentary.

Sep 04, 2017 | By Pameyla Cambe

Holding 18 Michelin stars is already considered quite a feat, but it looks like French chef Alain Ducasse is looking to add more to his collection. Earlier this week, Ducasse announced plans to open a new restaurant at the end of September. Having worked at over 20 restaurants around the world, it seems like Ducasse is now going back to the place where he started: France.

The city of romance is where Ducasse has decided to launch Spoon, a revival of one of his former restaurant concepts, Spoon Food & Wines. The latter was launched as a fusion restaurant in 1998 where guests could mix and match sauces and sides for their internationally-sourced main courses. The unique concept soon grew popular, popping up in other countries such as Hong Kong, Mauritius, New York and Tokyo.

20 years later, the French chef has decided to bring the concept back with Spoon, which will likewise serve global cuisine. The new selection, however, takes inspiration from Ducasse’s recent two-year globetrotting adventures across cities such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Kyoto and Manila.

Spoon’s new menu will reflect Ducasse’s travel discoveries and feature delicacies such as spicy duck from China, meatless chilli from Mexico and mango ‘brulée’ with avocado and coriander from Brazil.

You can even get a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how these meals were conjured in an upcoming documentary by filmmaker Gilles de Maistre, who faithfully captured Ducasse’s country-hopping journey on film. “La Quete d’Alain Ducasse” (which translates to The Quest of Alain Ducasse) hits French cinemas on 11 October.

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