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Alain Ducasse Opens ‘Ore’ Versailles Palace

The famous Michelin-starred chef opens a new contemporary cafe in the Palace .

Jun 21, 2016 | By Staff Writer

As one of most famous Michelin-starred French top chefs, Alain Ducasse has been slowly growing his gastronomic empire within, as well as outside, France. He’s already set up establishments in places such as Japan and the USA. Recently the chef opened a new brasserie in the Les Halles shopping mall back in April. Now, he’s aiming to set up a contemporary café at the Palace of Versailles – opening between July 20 and September 20. This eatery, entitled Ore, will provide quick bites and gourmet pastries for the public.

The name itself is derived from the Latin term for mouth – emphasizing how integral enjoying the pleasures of food are to the French Spirit. The location of the restaurant is especially fitting, given how important to the whole culture the Palace is. Ore will be situated on the first floor of the Pavilion Dufour, and offer dinners extensive views over the wide beauty of the Royal Courtyard.

Coupled with that view of the outside, the interior has also been extensively tailored to provide a good atmosphere for eating. It’s been designed by architects Dominique Perrault and Frédéric Didier (the head architect of the Palace of Versailles) and aims to mix modernity along with a respect for the past.

“Versailles is a dream that impassions and fascinates. It is a privilege to bring forth my modest contribution to the contemporary history of the Palace” Ducasse commented. Indeed, the spirit of the Palace will also be revitalized through the hosting of private events and dinners after regular service. All this is reminiscent of the great feasts and grand banquets held during the time of Louis XIV.


The Palace of Versailles has been steadily growing in its stature as one of the most exciting spots to visit in France. On the art front, it has enjoyed modern art pieces by names like Olafur Eliasson and Anish Kapoor. Now, with Ducasse bringing his gastronomic gifts as well, its reputation will only increase from there.

You can check out Ore’s website over here.

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