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Chef Alain Ducasse Opens Paris Brasserie

The renowned chef sets up a space in the Les Halles area of Paris for traditional brasserie cuisine with a new twist.

Apr 13, 2016 | By AFPRelaxnews

With establishments in the UK, USA and Japan, along with many more in France itself, Alain Ducasse may be one of the most established Michelin-star chefs in the world. His latest venture, brings him to the revamped Les Halles area of Paris. The new brasserie named Champeaux is situated in the Les Halles shopping mall and is set to provide diners with traditional brasserie fare, but with a modern twist.

The Les Halles area has a vivid history in French culture, being the setting of a book by famous naturalist writer Emile Zola entitled “The Belly of Paris” (Le Ventre de Paris). An extensive renovation project for the Les Halles mall and transport hub was undertaken in the past six years – its latest development being the new canopy-style roof. Ducasse knows the history all too well, and pays homage to the location in his restaurant name, which was once given to the locality where Louis VI ordered the building of Les Halles.

The restaurant will serve hungry diners from 8am to midnight, or 1am on Saturday. The space seats 180, and is defined by industrial effects and furnishings, with a large electronic billboard to boot, featuring nuggets of information on the dishes of the day amongst others. Besides food, Champeaux also aims to have special cocktails, served up by the mixologist Marjolaiine Arpin.

Soufflés will be the restaurant’s signature dish, along with sweet and savory options of traditional brasserie fare such as deviled eggs, croque-monsieur hot cheese and ham sandwiches, French onion soup cooked without the gratin top, a lighter take on pâté en croute, and spatchcock-style lemon chicken. Dishes will be accompanied with ingredients dear to Ducasse, such as spelt, spices and condiments. Starters and desserts are priced from €6 (approx. $6.85), with dishes of the day at €22 (approx. $25) and à la carte options from around €50 (approx. $57).

With Champeaux, Ducasse has created a space to satisfy the appetite of the neighborhood’s young clientele, as well as business people and tourists. You can find out more about the brasserie at Ducasse’s website.

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