The Pictar Pro is Bridging The Gap Between DSLR Cameras and Smartphones

The Pictar Pro is a smartphone camera grip compatible with external photography attachments, for the most comfortable, stable and sophisticated experience

Apr 17, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Filling the gaps in a smartphone-dominated market, are a group of photography professionals and enthusiasts known as, Pictar. With over 20 years of expert experience in the business, Pictar is revered for their innovative designs and essential range of products which include camera grips, bags, straps, and other studio equipment.

The Pictar Pro is Bridging The Gap Between DSLR Cameras and Smartphones

Without upselling extravagant and inconvenient photography tools, Pictar aims to supplement the use of each individual’s pre-existing devices with instruments which bring comfort, stability and sophistication – thus bridging the gap between dedicated DSLR cameras and smartphones, in an attempt to guarantee the highest quality of imagery.

Worth $149.99, the Pictar Pro is a smartphone camera grip featuring a multi-state shutter button with a focus and exposure lock, a detachable viewfinder for shooting in bright conditions, and simple controls to fully navigate the phone’s camera. Compatible with external photography attachments such as lighting tools, tripods and mics, the brass built Pictar Pro comes complete with a supporting ultrasonic wave connecting application, offering a multitude of professional features to enhance each image.

Incorporating a spring loaded multi-fit clamp and “Shark-skin” slip-free rubber grip, the Pictar Pro promises the ideal amount of holding surface and stability for a strong and steady shot, even when using only one hand. Boasting Qi wireless charging, this camera grip guarantees an uninterrupted photography session, as the Pictar Pro is highly adaptable and charges on-the-go.

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