Essential Baby Items for a Cool and Comfortable Summer

Welcoming a newborn in summer is sure an exciting experience but equally important is the care that needs to be given.

May 15, 2022 | By LUXUO
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Even though pregnancy comes with many challenges, giving birth to a summer baby allows for new experiences like leisurely strolling on the beach with your recently created family. Warm temperatures also call for few clothes, providing an excellent opportunity for skin-to-skin care. Unfortunately, summer temperatures are sometimes dangerous for your newborn.

Extremely high temperatures can be unsettling for your baby’s comfort. Below are a few essential items to keep your baby cool and comfortable during the summer heat.

Baby Stroller With Canopy and Fan

If your baby likes the outdoors, ensure that you have a Diono stroller with a canopy and fan before going for a picnic or walk in the park. The canopy should protrude from the stroller’s hood to shield the baby from harsh rays. Before purchasing the stroller, it is prudent to ensure that the product hasn’t been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Have the Right Clothes

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You should choose clothes that will keep the baby cool and comfortable amidst the summer temperatures. Below are a few tips to consider when selecting your baby’s clothes for summer:

  • Pure cotton clothes are more absorbent than synthetic fibre clothes made from polyester, rayon, or nylon. Cotton absorbs your baby’s sweat. It also dries quickly, preventing the development of body rashes.
  • Dress your baby in light clothes if you are heading out. Avoid dark-coloured clothes, specifically black, as they absorb heat. Light colours, such as white and cream, reflect light and tend to remain cooler.
  • Light, long-sleeved clothes protect the baby’s skin from direct sunlight. This keeps the baby cool.
  • Cover your baby’s head with a hat if you are going out. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, wide-trimmed baby hats can shield your newborn’s head and face from harsh UV rays. The hat should be wide enough to cover their head, ears, and back of their neck.
  • Ensure that you have a lightweight cotton outdoor blanket. These blankets are helpful when travelling and you want to nurse your baby, swaddle, or change their diapers. The baby can also use them as play mats or burp cloths.

Diaper Rash Cream

Even if your baby wears cloth or disposable diapers, rashes are unavoidable during summer. The only way to mitigate severe rashes is by using prescribed diaper rash cream. Apply the cream liberally, and ensure it has been absorbed fully by the skin before putting on fresh diapers.

Baby Lotion

Your baby’s skin will become dry, itchy, and flaky due to the hot summer weather. Body lotions can work magic for the skin, especially after bathing. Always prefer lotions with natural and herbal ingredients. They are good moisturisers to restore the soft and glowing skin of the baby. You should also use an all-natural sunscreen to protect your baby’s skin.

While this summer checklist for newborns isn’t comprehensive, your list may change depending on your location. However, if you are experiencing the first summer with your baby, the items mentioned above are crucial for your first outing. You can tailor these items based on the prevailing temperatures and unique baby needs.

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