7 Most Luxurious Experiences to Have in Ibiza

New to Ibiza? No worries, here’s our top seven picks of things to do on this gorgeous Mediterranean island.

Oct 27, 2021 | By LUXUO
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You have heard enough or even experienced the party scene in Ibiza. But there are many other amazing luxurious experiences you can fill your days with while vacationing in Ibiza. From watching the sunset atop a yacht to getting in tune with the fashion scene, be sure to indulge in luxury recreation activities while creating lasting memories.

In this article, we share with you seven ideas of unique luxurious things to do in Ibiza.

1. Get in the water

boats in water ibiza
Image: Unsplash/Vladyslav Cherkasenko

Nothing beats the experience of seeing Ibiza from an all-new perspective. There are always trendy areas and places worth discovering on this island. You can’t trade the tranquillity of the eternally calm waters of the bay of Santa Eulalia for anything. Here, you get to experience pure relaxation and can opt to have a toast with the best company. Or simply take in the sun as you enjoy fresh seafood or sip your drink. You can also take on scuba diving or snorkelling even if you’re a beginner! While there are several boat trips you can take, you can visit this website to book a private charter for a truly luxurious experience.

2. Connect with the fashion scene

Image: Unsplash/Heidi Fin

Although it is least talked about, Ibiza boasts of a vibrant and strong fashion scene with a distinctive, statement-making style. The Punta Arabi market has been consistent in showcasing both island vibe and fashion since 1973. These, along with live performances and music, local creativity, multi-cultural exhibits and kid-friendly workshops. This market holds every Wednesday, beginning April to October, presents a blend of history and tradition with bits of modern trends. If you prefer a super-star kind of shopping, there are plenty of options throughout Ibiza.

3. Chill by the beach in the afternoon

ibiza beach
Image: Unsplash/Sean Oulashin

Do you want a totally chilled out day? No boat tours, no shopping or even walking around? You can retreat to the beach with little sophistication. Simply chill out. Look out for bars that rent out beds and book one for the entire afternoon. All you must do is enjoy your chilled water or cocktail. You can also request to have your lunch delivered, so you dig in as you listen to the DJ’s selection of the day.

4. Go on a guided tour

ibiza boat
Image: Unsplash/Annegret Kammer

If it’s your first time in Ibiza, it might interest you to learn a bit about these Balearic Islands. It will surprise you to know that there’s more to Ibiza than the party scene. Going on a walking tour or kayaking trip is an excellent way to get to know the history of this island. Of course, while you gaze at its gorgeous views. If you’re a foodie, don’t miss the local food tours where you’ll get to learn about and experience the culinary variety.

5. Throw a private party

Image: Unsplash/John Arano

Yes, you don’t have to go with the flow of Ibiza’s party scene. Instead, throw a private party. All you need to do is find a fantastic location where you can comfortably entertain your guests and have the time of your life. You can contact several vendors or companies to help you set up to ensure you have nothing but the best experience. You can consider throwing in extra fun activities like go-karting or paintball for your personalized party.

6. Drive your dream car

ibiza car
Image: Unsplash/Ferran Feixas

Every dream is valid. Perhaps you have a type of car that you drool over but still can’t afford it. Talk about the dream cars you see Hollywood stars driving in movies. Well, this may be the time to make your fantasy come alive by renting and driving your dream car around Ibiza.

7. Rejuvenate

relaxing ibiza
Image: Unsplash/Josie Josie

Although Ibiza is synonymous with entertainment, it is also a place to restore your body, mind, and soul. Be sure to tap into the calm spiritual community to rejuvenate your soul. There’s no shortage of spiritualists, gyms and trainers! If you’re on a mission to reverse the effects of sugar-filled cocktails and gourmet food, you’ll certainly achieve your goals!

No trip to Ibiza is the same! With so many unique experiences, you can comfortably explore the other side of this Balearic Island that is much-hyped for its party life. Such experiences open your world to so many possibilities of having fun, socializing, and learning. So, forget about the crowds and the popular things that have received immeasurable publicity over the years. Instead, create the best experiences for yourself the next time you’re on vacation in Ibiza.

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