10 Most Expensive Plants in the World and How To Add Them to Your Garden

Taking your garden to a whole new level will be much easier with these exquisite flowers.

Jun 20, 2022 | By LUXUO

If you’re a plant-obsessed gardening enthusiast, you’ve come to the right spot. Taking your garden to a whole new level will be much easier after reading this list we put together.

These stunning plants are a feast for the eyes, so you won’t even have to obsess with 2022 interior design trends because your garden will become everyone’s go-to spot. Unfortunately, the most expensive plants in the world are almost impossible to find (you can only get them on the black market), you can’t grow them in any garden, or they are endangered species you can only see in certain parts of the world.

For example, the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid costs US$5,500 per stem, but it only grows in the Kinabalu National Park, and you can only find it on the black market. However, the selection below will make an excellent addition to your yard – but it will come at a higher price than most other garden plants.

Saffron Crocus — US$1,300 to US$1,600 per pound

Saffron Crocus
Image: Pixabay

Saffron Crocus is an in-demand plant among gardeners due to its alluring purple hue and orange stamens. People use this statement flower to create one of the most expensive spices in the world – saffron. The plant is hand-harvested, and only certain parts of the flower are used to produce the spice.

If you want to upgrade your garden with this plant, you’ll need to pick a dry spot with plenty of sunlight. Other than these two factors, the saffron plant needs well-draining soil that isn’t swampy.

Juliet Rose — around US$30 per bare root plant

Juliet Rose
Image: Pixabay

David Rose, a world-famous plant breeder, took 15 years to develop the Juliet rose, and it’s one of the costliest roses ever created. This stunner features a gentle peach shade and an alluring smell to enchant your garden.

Since this rose can be harsh on your pocket, you’ll need to educate yourself on the proper placement and care. Start by getting familiar with the requirements and basics of garden watering because this plant needs specific care.

Keep the soil moist and never soggy. In addition, plant the roses in groups of three to achieve a gorgeous shrub, and choose a sunny area with at least six hours of sun.

Gardenia — US$20 to US$60 per plant

Image: Pixabay

Gardenia might not be as rare or as expensive as some other plants on this list, but it sure is a luxury. The reason gardenias are in such high demand is their popularity in bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements. In addition, you have to buy the entire plant, rather than just a selection of stems, which places them on the pricier side.

Gardenias require full sun to grow, but they also like shade during the hottest months. This plant thrives in humidity and enjoys moist soil rich in organic compounds. You can use seed starter soil for the best results.

Lily Of The Valley — US$15 to US$50 per bundle

Lily of the Valley
Image: Pixabay

This delicate flower is poisonous, but that doesn’t make it less popular. It’s one of the Queen’s favourite plants, and Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and Princess Diana included it in their bridal bouquets.

Thankfully, it’s an easy-to-grow plant since it will work well in shaded areas as long as you plant it by late fall. Lily of the Valley blossoms very briefly in the spring, but it’s stunning to look at with an alluring scent.

Lisianthus — US$10 to US$35 per bundle

Image: Pixabay

One of the most beautiful things about lisianthus is that it blooms year-round. This special flower comes in gorgeous hues like purple, lavender, violet, and white.

You have to be very careful when buying and transporting lisianthus since it needs special care and conditions. When planting it, choose a well-lit spot and keep the soil moist. This plant enjoys warm climates and doesn’t mind the heat.

Calla Lily — US$8 to US$10 per stem

Calla Lily
Image: Pixabay

Calla lilies are a stunning option for your garden. The plant comes in numerous colour variations (white, purple, pink, dark purple, red), all equally enchanting.

The ideal planting time for calla lilies is between February and June, in a partially shaded part of your garden. This lily is simple to maintain as long as you add plenty of water during the growing season. In other words, keep your hose close because you’ll need it often.

Calla lilies are poisonous for humans and pets if ingested, therefore you should be careful and protect your hands with gloves when working.

Gloriosa — US$6 to US$10 per stem

Image: Pixabay

Gloriosa, glory lily or fire lily, is one of the most unique plants you’ll see on the list. Unfortunately, it’s also relatively rare, which makes its price higher.

These exotic-looking lilies need fertile, well-drained soil and partial sun. The beauty of this flower is that it can reach heights up to 8 feet, which means it can be a part of a statement wall or trellis in your garden.

Hydrangea — US$6.50 per stem

Image: Pixabay

Hydrangea is another plant that’s not rare; however, it got to its higher value due to its popularity for weddings. High-quality hydrangeas can reach a very hefty price, so you can make a good investment by growing them in your yard instead of paying by the stem for bouquets.

Once you pick them, the playful-looking hydrangea can give a luxurious touch to your bedroom, be a part of your bouquet, or simply admire their beauty in the bush from your yard.

Hydrangeas love the sun in the morning but prefer shade during the afternoon. In addition, you need to look for soil rich in organic material with excellent drainage.

Arum Lily — US$13 to US$16 per stem

Arum Lily
Image: Pixabay

Arum lilies are commonly mixed with calla lilies, but these are two completely different plants. Arum lilies are larger, stronger, and feature a flatter shape.

The arum tends to be more expensive since it grows much taller and stronger, but it comes in fewer colours.

One of the first tips to know is to plant it during spring and keep it moist while growing. The spot should be well-lit but away from the wind, and it shouldn’t be too hot.

Kadupul Flower — priceless

Kadupul Flower
Image: Pixabay

Although you might not be able to plant this gem in your garden, it deserves an honourable mention due to its unique nature. The Kadupul flower is found only in Sri Lanka, blooms only once a year, and the bloom stays for just one night.

Unfortunately, if you pick the flower, it will fade within an hour of picking. Therefore, you can’t pick it and gift it, and so it is often referred to as priceless.


Now that you know more about the stunning flowers you can have in your garden, we must mention that there are several even more expensive ones we didn’t include on the list.

For example, the Shenzhen Nongke orchid took over eight years to develop, but is not available for sale unless you are the anonymous private buyer who paid a jaw-dropping US$200,000 on the single private auction held for this flower!

The good news is there is no need to spend hundreds of thousands to have a jaw-dropping flower garden as long as you can upgrade it with one of these beauties we listed above.

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