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Monaco Yacht Show “Unmissable” – Johan Pizzardini

Johan Pizzardini, Monaco Yacht Show’s Head of Communications & Media, explains what makes the four-day event “an unmissable event in the yachting world”.

Sep 22, 2023 | By Florence Sutton
Johan Pizzardini, Head of Communications & Media, Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) celebrates the latest innovations in luxury yachting, attracting enthusiasts from across the globe to indulge the world of superyachts. Recent years have seen the Monaco Yacht Show regaining its momentum from travel restrictions brought on from the COVID-19 pandemic while successfully attracting a younger demographic, reaching a wider clientele. With over 19 years of experience in the yachting industry, Johan Pizzardini discusses what awaits at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show (held from 27 September to 30 September) including an increased lineup of new yachts featured, innovative sustainability initiatives and why this year’s experience will be unlike any other.

Johan, can you give us a bit of background about yourself and your time working on the Monaco Yacht Show?

I’ve been involved in the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) for 19 years, and it feels like a different era in yachting media from when I started! Back then, the show wasn’t the global superyacht reference it is today, drawing coverage from top-tier international media.

As part of our dedicated organising team, truly engaged in offering one of the greatest yachting events, I take pride in having played a role in developing the comprehensive media and communication strategy for the MYS, helping position it as a premier event on the social elite calendar.

What distinguishes the Monaco Yacht Show from other boat shows around the world?

Since its very first edition back in 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show has stayed true to its mission, focusing on the world of superyachts, specifically those 24m and larger. It was created as a platform for yachtsmen, yacht owners and charterers to explore the captivating world of yachting from every possible angle.

Situated against the stunning backdrop of the Principality of Monaco, the MYS offers a unique opportunity for potential clients to dive deep into every facet of yachting. With its impressive display of cutting-edge vessels, presence of industry experts, and showcasing the latest advancements, it stands as the ultimate destination for uncovering the entire yachting universe.

And let’s not forget, the Monaco Yacht Show is all about catering to discerning clients, truly capturing the essence of the complete yachting experience, and embracing the dreams and aspirations of the next generation of yacht enthusiasts and potential clients.

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Can you give some figures to indicate the scale of the event?

The Monaco Yacht Show has always championed quality over quantity. With 560 exhibitors, 117 superyachts, and thematic displays featuring luxury cars and helicopters, our focus has been on providing a premium experience from the start.

The Monaco Yacht Show is held in Port Hercules

Last year, 24,000 visitors attended, and we anticipate a similar turnout in 2023, although before the pandemic, we used to welcome over 30,000 visitors. Interestingly, COVID-19 unexpectedly reshaped our approach to life, and with the return of the 2021 edition after the cancellation in 2020, attendees eagerly embraced it as a vibrant renaissance of social interaction.

We believe in a one-on-one approach, and with support from the Informa Group and industry stakeholders, we’ve consciously reduced the number of visitors to prioritise the quality of the experience. Whether you’re a seasoned yachtsman, a new owner or an industry leader seeking connections, the Monaco Yacht Show must remain the pinnacle of the yachting world.

Can you explain the difference between the prominent yacht exhibitors?

Yacht builders seize the opportunity to exhibit their know-how in crafting stunning vessels. They aim to impress potential clients with their design and construction prowess, showcasing new models as a testament to their innovative capabilities. Approximately 40 brand-new yacht deliveries are unveiled in world premieres during the show, contributing to its unique allure.

Simultaneously, brokerage houses make every effort to exhibit their latest offerings available for purchase or charter, presenting a diverse range of yachts on the market. This exclusivity means that if you miss an edition, you won’t have the chance to witness the same collection of jaw-dropping yachts the following year, making the Monaco Yacht Show an unmissable event in the yachting world.

Johan Pizzardini being interviewed

The show is held in Port Hercules and overlooked by the Yacht Club de Monaco. What role does the yacht club play in the show?

The Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM), often hailed as the world’s most beautiful yacht club, serves as an additional hub for the high-end visitors during the show. YCM actively participates in the show’s social events, hosting conferences, dinners, and cocktail parties. This not only enhances the social aspect but also enriches the visit experience, creating a perfect blend of luxury, networking, and industry engagement.

Monaco and the Yacht Club de Monaco are both very active in the sustainability sector. Can you tell us about the Monaco Yacht Show’s history of promoting eco-friendly yachting?

The Monaco Yacht Show has led the way in promoting eco-friendly yachting practices since 2005. Recently, it reinforced its commitment to sustainability with the launch in 2022 of the Sustainability Hub, a dedicated exhibition for green solutions in yachting.

The show consistently features green technologies and encourages eco-conscious practices among exhibitors and visitors alike. It facilitates industry-wide dialogues on sustainability, emphasising responsible yachting.

Last year, the show initiated a carbon neutrality plan, aligning with the Monaco Transition Energy program and Informa’s FasterForward initiative to sustainable business, with the aim of achieving net-zero emissions. This underscores our dedication to actively contribute to environmental preservation as a boat show organiser.

Sunreef Yachts will be exhibiting an 80 Eco sailing catamaran and an 80 Sunreef Power powercat next to each other this year. Can you tell us about these yachts and which/how many other superyachts on display this year are using solar-electric power, hybrid propulsion, hydrogen or any other eco-friendly power sources?

These Sunreef sailing and power catamarans are two of the most innovative and eco-friendly superyachts on the market. I prefer focusing on yachting in general, not on specific yachts, as yachting has been shifting to more sustainability and builders have been researching and developing viable sustainable solutions for their yachts.

The Sustainability Hub is a real highlight of these solutions and we expect to see the fruits of the development of sustainable solutions in the building and maintenance of yachts in the coming years. We would dare to dream of displaying only sustainable yachts in the future.

Finally, is there anything else our readers should know about the Monaco Yacht Show?

Monaco Yacht Show is a one-of-a-kind event, featuring new projects unveiled annually. Missing even a single year means missing out on the extraordinary concentration of superyachts and megayachts on display.

For those keen on chartering or purchasing, it would entail extensive voyages across the seven seas, along with weeks of visits to shipyards and marinas to discover these exceptional vessels. I think it might just be time to start planning your earliest flight to Monaco!

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