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Monaco Yacht Show 2022 to Target New Yachting Generation

The Monaco Yacht Show has announced new developments in its themed exhibition areas, in the hopes of attracting a younger generation of clientele.

Aug 05, 2022 | By Aurelli Lazuardi
Monaco Yacht Show
Image: Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is the most prestigious display of super-yachts in the world. An iconic event, it combines exclusivity, excellence and innovation. This year, it offers a rigorous selection of exhibitors; with 500 major companies in the sector and 105 outstanding super and mega-yachts.

With an average of 33,000 participants, the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) offers a unique occasion in the year for yachting company heads to meet and discover the latest hi-tech products and luxury services. Taking place in Port Hercules from 28 September to 1 October, it’ll feature some of the largest super-yachts — like the 115m Lürssen built super-yacht Ahpo and Benetti’s 65.4m super-yacht, Triumph.

Monaco yacht Show Sustainability Hub
Image: Monaco Yacht Show

As part of MYS’ three-year development programme, this year’s edition will include a new exhibition area dedicated to sustainable yachting solutions. A new Sustainability Hub will be added to the 2022 edition of the show, marking the second edition to the programme “to promote super-yachting among a new generation of clients”.

The Hub will showcase companies specialising in innovative and proven technology designed to reduce the environmental effects of luxury yachts, from the build process through to ownership and charter. The exhibitors have been selected by the Water Revolution Foundation in collaboration with event organisers to ensure the quality of the products. The Sustainability Hub area will cover 200m²/2,153ft² within Darse Sud, serving as an incubator for businesses that offer ground-breaking solutions.

Monaco Yacht Show Sustainability Hub
Image: Monaco Yacht Show

Robert Van Tol, Executive Director of the Water Revolution Foundation: “The creation of the Sustainability Hub is a crucial achievement. The Monaco Yacht Show has once again consolidated its leading position in the field, whilst highlighting the Water Revolution Foundation’s expertise in terms of sustainability. Thus, the show’s new exhibition area is designed to showcase forms of technology that will bring concrete improvements to the world of yachting. We are making every effort to find, verify, promote and reward sustainable solutions, whilst encouraging their use and bringing about much needed change.”

Other than this, they’ve also launched their new Adventure Area. Combining the former luxury Car Deck and Tender & Toys exhibitions, it will be hosted across 2 sites; Quai Antoine and Quai Jarlan. The area will include a vast array of sports and day-trip tenders, as well as luxury and off-road vehicles, water toys, helicopters and nautical gadgets, all designed for cutting-edge yachting experiences. The extended Adventure Area exhibition for all adventure and leisure activities reflect the show’s ambition to bring visitors the finest yachting experience.

Monaco Yacht Show Adventure Area
Image: Monaco Yacht Show

“Today, charter clients want to drive all-terrain vehicles to the North Pole, go on underwater excursions, take tender rides off the coast of secluded islands, enjoy tailor-made tours of historical and cultural sites in coastal destinations, discover animal species while respecting their ecosystems, and even take part in scientific field trips.” Monaco Yacht Show representative stated on a press release.

MYS has also announced the 6th edition of the Monaco Yacht Summit. Held on Tuesday 27 September 2022 at the Monaco Yacht Club, the event will address practical questions on the topics of yacht chartering, buying and building in front of a pre-qualified audience of experienced or new yacht owners and charterers.

By announcing the new themed exhibitions, it aims to help the industry redefine the yachting experience and reflects the show’s drive in targeting the up-coming generation of super-yacht clientele, as well as in response to the increase in demand for go-anywhere explorer yachts by discerning travellers seeking ever-more thrilling adventures off the beaten track. The new generation challenges the current yachting standards, revolutionising the concept of luxury with its epicurean vision and desire to freely discover new experiences.

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