The Valimor Caliburnus II: A Timepiece for the Modern Warrior

Valimor’s Caliburnus II is a reissue of the iconic timepiece which got them started in their early days on Kickstarter.

Mar 24, 2021 | By Abram Yum

Valimor’s name is derived from the words VALIant and arMOR and is aimed towards equipping the modern warrior with reliable and stylish timepieces. In keeping with this theme, they released the highly acclaimed, medieval-inspired Caliburnus back in 2018 on Kickstarter. The up-and-rising brand, based in Hong Kong raised much more than their original funding goal with the help of over 200 backers. Now, they are bringing back the piece that started it all, with an updated design and movement.

As can be inferred from the name, Valimor’s iconic timepiece was inspired by the Celtic legends of King Arthur, his Kinghts of the Round Table, and the fabled Sword in the Stone, Caliburn. Its patented design follows a suitably Arthurian theme starting with its 42mm stainless steel case. Like its forebear, the Caliburnus II’s case is made from aged 316L stainless steel with an intricately engraved dragon scale bezel. An innovative PVD coating is applied to enhance the aged look of the watch case. The crown is similarly ornate and true to its name, looks like the headgear worn by kings of old, topped off with a genuine Swarovski crystal. The marriage of a sapphire crystal and stainless steel case results in an extremely durable and scratch-resistant watch, befitting the armour-esque design.

With the Caliburnus II, Valimor is offering five new dial options. Known for their use of exotic materials when crafting the dial, these new watches do not disappoint. The five new dial designs all bear appropriately regal names, Lake Opal, Flame Opal, Black Knight, Blue Northern Light, and Sword of the Light. The use of materials such as lab-grown synthetic opals and genuine Mother-of-Pearl, in the Lake and Fire Opal as well as Black Knight, create unique nuances from piece to piece, ensuring that no two watches look the same. Blue Northern Light and Sword of the Light are painted with Super-LumiNova® C1, most often seen on high-end swiss watches, creating an eye-catching luminous dial under low-light conditions. Diamond-cut sword-shaped hands adorn the exotic dials, following the Arthurian inspirations. The redesigned sword hands utilise an innovative semi-polishing technique where one side is polished and the other is brushed. Apart from providing the watch with a sophisticatedly understated aesthetic, the two-tone quality of the hands also maintains contrast against the dial under differing light conditions for easy reading. Paired with the applied indices coated with Swiss Super-LumiNova®, the modern warrior can rest assured that legibility is never going to be a concern.

Powering the watch is Miyota’s latest Cal.8315 movement, the updated version of their workhorse Cal.8215. The new automatic Japanese movement hand-winds like its predecessor and has the additional benefit of hacking which allows accurate setting of time. The barrel and mainspring have also been improved to increase the Valimor Caliburnus II’s power reserve to a substantial 60 hours. With this collection, Valimor has shown tremendous attention to detail, even applying the same dragon scale finish to the movement’s rotor, which can be admired through the display case back.

Rounding things off are the options of either a custom-designed NBR rubber strap or 316L stainless steel bracelet. The NBR rubber stap has a greater resistant to skin oils and acids than natural rubber, and also meets Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) requirements to ensure allergy-free durability and comfort. It follows the Sword in the Stone inspiration with a custom design done by graphic designer Arkadiy Welesov. The strap’s buckles have some of the most intricate engravings in the watch world and include a pair of integrated quick-release spring bars for easy installation. The steel bracelet on the other hand, was designed in collaboration with Valimor’s 200 backers on Kickstarter. The bracelet’s specifications are the result of innumerable prototypes, in order to meet the exacting standards of Valimor’s dedicated and outspoken community of fans.

The new Valimor Caliburnus II is a beautiful work of functional art. With its medieval design, patented in 27 states within the European Union, and innovative modern appointments, it is a stunning tool worthy of addition to any modern warrior’s collection. Head over to Valimor’s website to learn more and pick one up for yourself.

All images courtesy of Valimor.

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