Malakensa Is Set on Becoming the Leader of Luxury Concierge Service

Malakensa prides itself on a highly personalised user experience making it a hit amongst interested users even before its official launch.

Mar 24, 2021 | By Joseph Low

In today’s age, we are flooded with countless websites that offer almost all the same services. Even in the luxury sector, where traditionally only the privileged could afford to engage services from vendors within this highly-guarded circle of insiders. To differentiate itself from competitors, Malakensa cleverly positioned selling point of creating a highly personalised consumer experience for its users makes the up-and-coming platform a hit amongst interested users even before their official launch.

Ahead is an interview with the CEO of Malakensa, Cyril Renaud, where he shares with us the beliefs he has for the brand and the services it is able to provide for its most discerning users.

Where does Malakensa’s concept come from?

This concept arose from a specific need among some of my relations who offer very high-end products in different business sectors. Many of these professionals told me that they had tried to promote their know-how on consumer and specialised platforms but these platforms did not meet their expectations and their standards.

From this premise, I had the vision to create a very qualitative digital support tailored to the needs of all professionals working with high-end goods that would precisely target a clientele likely to be able to afford their exceptional products.

Which product categories will be available on Malakensa?

Malakensa’s vocation is to offer our distinguished clientele everything they could desire in their daily life, knowing that they will necessarily invest in what does best. We also wish to keep our distinguished clientele informed of the latest happenings in the world of luxury goods with regular announcements on prestigious events.

We will have various real estate listings, ranging from luxury homes to office buildings. In addition, Malakensa will feature all the items to spruce up your properties. These will include interior and exterior design choices such as furniture, household appliances, and garden accessories. If you want to take a short break and want a change of scenery, we also offer tailor-made luxury vacations

Our offers in the world of transport will be land, air and sea. Premium brand automobiles, luxury yachts and private jets.

For the fashion-aficionados, there will be a diverse range of products to suit your varied needs. You would be able to find varied Ready-to-Wear collections, numerous fashion accessories inluding luxury leather goods, watches, jewellery, and finally, perfumes and cosmetics.

Malakensa also aims to be a platform for those appreciative of the arts. Clients will be able to buy and sell artworks as well as various collectibles if they are so inclined. Furthermore, we will cater to a multitude of hobbyists. For example, high-end sports equipment will be available for those who enjoy working up a sweat.

Foodies have a reason to rejoice as Malakensa will offer a section on gastronomy, selling high-end food products such as non-perishable delicatessen as well as exceptional wines and spirits.

Finally, we will offer unconventional services such as the services of a bodyguard, a private investigator (PI), or a home artist for example.

You focus on the prominence of the “Concierge Service”. What role will the Concierge have within Malakensa?

Yes we do. In fact, our concierge service will play a significant role, allowing us to entertain our VIP members’ most personal requests.

Firstly, our concierge service will allow VIP members who wish to sell exceptional products, to avoid the stress of submitting their advertorials. We take care of everything for them, including high-quality visuals, comprehensive valuations, detailed descriptions, and writing the final advertisement.

Secondly, our concierge service will allow us to assist our VIP customers in finding anything they might want or need. A rare model of Supercar for example.

Its third role will be to offer our VIP members the opportunity to be fully involved in their purchase by creating it to measure. There will be no creative limit for our members who want to apply for this option except for the technical limits related to the fulfilment of their wish. The wildest projects of the most luxurious nature are then made possible to the delight of our customers.

How would you describe the customer experience with Malakensa?

I believe that the customer experience in the luxury sector should be emotional by offering highly personalised and caring experiences. This entails providing high-tech tools to support each purchase. On this purely technological aspect, Malakensa will strive to set the trend by always bringing the best in the field to enchant our customers.

But the customer experience on Malakensa will not end with high-end digital service alone, as
attentions and physical experiences will complement the customer experience. Among the physical
experiences that we intend to offer our customers, we have planned to organise showrooms where
the most talented professionals in their sector of activity will meet our most loyal customers. These
showrooms will allow physical encounters to which I attach great importance.

To offer a customer service that matches our exceptional content, Malakensa will integrate physical and digital experiences using cutting edge processes.

You are currently seeking funding for the development of the platform. What are the key elements that will differentiate Malakensa? Why should investors pay attention to this platform?

Investors will find on Malakensa a wide range of exclusive products that we have selected for them. On top of that, we’ll be offering plenty of premium options to ensure the safety of every purchase. As the distribution of announcements is also open to our VIP members in certain sectors of activity, investors will be able to find many rare pieces that will be exclusive to us.

You are located in Europe. What are the advantages of Malakensa?

Much of Europe falls under the Eurozone which has established a stable currency and economy for the region. I believe this will be comforting for our users and investors. Furthermore, Malakensa will be based in France, the land of luxury “par excellence”, a trump card in terms of image and reputation. In this sense, we want to offer French savoir-vivre that lives up to its reputation

Will there be any exclusive brands at Malakensa?

I can tell you straight away that there will be brands exclusive to Malakensa. As I mentioned earlier, I know many professionals providing exceptional products and services that have attempted to promote themselves on other media platforms. However, after a few setbacks, they renounced them because their expectations were not fulfilled. They tell me they see Malakensa as the unique solution and adapted to their requirements to promote their know-how.

Other professionals who have never wanted to appear in a multi-brand space approve of our concept and its values, and are ready to take the plunge. Many are now eagerly awaiting our launch as a proprietary promotional solution.

The barriers between luxury and e-commerce are crumbling. Where do you see this sector heading over the next five years?

The divide between luxury and e-commerce is indeed falling because data security is improving every year. Additionally, e-commerce offers ever more functionalities to trigger emotions. For this reason, digital technology has a bright future. I think high-tech innovations will allow us to get closer to reality, and so, it may not be too far a stretch to think that within five years we will have access to more immersive digital tools that allow us to sublimate the most luxurious contents. I see technological innovations as added value for the luxury industry in the years to come.

However, I also think that luxury is an art of living where the careful presentation of a product or a know-how must necessarily be accompanied by magnified human relations, which is too often neglected on the web.

What is the typical profile of buyers on Malakensa?

The main target group of buyers on Malakensa will mainly be individuals that we will refer to as VIP members, but all potential buyers are welcomed. I would say our clientele will be made up only of individuals who are wealthy enough and willing to pay our high admission and membership fees to enter our Insider Club, and be able to take advantage of our full range of services

The motivations of buyers on Malakensa can be diverse and varied. It can be an individual looking for original and high-end gift ideas or a collector of works of art or exceptional cars, who will appreciate being able to find unique or limited edition pieces. The buyer can also look for a good or a very specific product, or better still solicit our network of qualified professionals to personalise as much as possible his purchase by having a unique piece designed in the image of his inspiration.

What are the benefits of becoming a VIP on Malakensa?

The first advantage of being a VIP member is being able to join an elusive circle of insiders that is promoting a way of life that is not widely seen on the Internet yet. A community with values based on consideration, respect, honesty, friendship, and a concern for the environment. The second benefit will be the access to a website that is congruent to its contents. A site with a sophisticated design, pragmatic, devoid of any third-part advertising, and with secured transactions. The third advantage is access to a diverse range of products and know-how rooted in exceptional French origins but also international allure. Our VIP Members will also have the opportunity to sell high-end products and precisely target a qualified clientele group. Under our concierge service, we will take care of everything for them.

Are you considering launching a Chinese version of Malakensa, and if so, when?

Of course, I feel that it would be a real shame for Malakensa not to pay attention to a market so fond of luxury and exceptional know-how. Nevertheless, to consider this market, I think it is necessary to take into account its specificities, culture, and language. For that, the site needs to be rethought and adapted where it is necessary. Naturally, all this requires time, as well as adapted logistics.

I think we must first establish a solid European network before thinking about the Chinese market as it requires special attention. I think that we will be able to launch our concept in China in the next 2 to 3 years if our growth allows it.

If you were to name one person who has inspired you in your career, who would that person be?

Without hesitation, I would say that it is my grandmother. This woman worked all her life for a great French jeweller who still operates today, and I was often in admiration when she spoke impassionately to me about her work. I think she instilled in me the love of a job well done, the desire for perfection, and the good manners that go with it. Values that are dear to me and that I now want to share with you on Malakensa.

Head over to Malakensa’s website to explore how you could benefit from their services.

All images courtesy of Malakensa.

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