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SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS welcomes AV Intelligence

If you attend SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS this weekend, head over to the Epicurio Lounge where AV Intelligence, has kindly provided one of their luxury music systems.

Oct 22, 2016 | By Staff Writer
Great wine and great music go hand in hand. If you attend SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS this weekend, head over to the Epicurio Lounge where AV Intelligence, Singapore’s number one purveyor of bespoke hi-fi and home theatre equipment, has kindly provided SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS with one of their luxury music systems, with loudspeakers from Estelon and amplifiers from Moon by Simaudio.estelon av intelligence
AV Intelligence also brought many novel ideas guest can experience for themselves, including the la Boîte concept, the ingenious French supplier of speaker systems hidden in beautiful desks and coffee tables. Also making an appearance here is Ciclotte, the world’s most luxurious exercise bike, with Italian flair and design so beautiful it is a sculpture as much as a machine. Below is the Lamborghini version, which comes with leather accessories designed by Tonino Lamborghini himself.
 lamborghini av intelligence

Lamborghini Ciclotte exercise bike

Attendees will also meet Connexion D’Art, the newest kid on the block for luxury lifestyle – bonding the finest leather backing, or engraving fully bespoke art and jewelry to any iPhone.
leather av intelligence

leather backed iphone

And last, but not least: AV intelligence brought a masterpiece to the Jet Lounge. Designed by Italian design house Impatia, the Lungolinea ping pong table is a crystal glass and stainless steel ping pong table that doubles as a family dining table. Impatia’s luxurious design embodies Italian style, innovation and peerless build quality.
crystal pingpong table AV intelligence

Lungolinea crystal ping pong table

Get more info on the products on AV Intelligence website and get your tickets for SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS here

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