Jewellery exhibitions in Asia: Chaumet presents “Imperial Splendours” exhibition at the Palace Museum, Beijing

The old Forbidden City is hosting an impressive display of the French jewelers skill with a new exhibition

Apr 10, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan


The French jewellery brand known as Chaumet has consistently produced beautiful designs that have enthralled us since the 18th century. While many would love to leave the past behind them, sometimes it pays to look back once in a while to see just how far you have come. Rich in history and traditions, the brand has delved back into its archives to produce a spellbinding exhibition called “Imperial Splendours” in the Palace Museum, Beijing.

Curated by Henri Loyrette who is the director of Musee de Louvre, the exhibition will see over 300 pieces from the brand’s treasured archive come to life. From works, jewels, paintings, drawings and objets d’art it is a chance for visitors to see what the brand has been producing since 1780. With the support of prominent museums and prestigious collections, we see Chaumet’s artistry at its finest.

A highlight of the collection is the Bourbon-Parma tiara that was crafted in 1919. Made for Countess Hedwige de La Rochefoucauld upon her marriage to the Prince Sixte of Bourbon-Parma. In a show of cultural appreciation, the Palace Museum has also selected several items from its own collection to be offered as an exchange between the Chinese and French jewellery arts.

Catch the “imperial Splendours” exhibition at the Wu men Room, Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing from April 11 to July 2.

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