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La Nature de Chaumet: Wheat All About It

La Nature de Chaumet breathes new life into historic pieces from its archive.

Jul 30, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

Nature gives us gems and precious metals so jewelers return the favor and create wonderful objects inspired by the natural world, which is just what Parisian jeweler Chaumet does. The La Nature de Chaumet collection sees the brand reinterpret wheat, laurel, oak and lily to produce intricate and colorful motifs. Chaumet goes one better though, making each natural theme an emblem or representation of a historical figure. No, this has nothing to do with tiaras — ok, maybe just a little.La Nature de Chaumet 2016

Yes, the company has strong historical links with the aristocracy, in the form of tiaras. Chaumet also prides itself on its unwavering attention to detail and La Nature de Chaumet, its  latest high jewelry collection, delivers the goods. La Nature de Chaumet’s four sub-collections — Le Laurier, L’Epi de Blé, Le Chêne and Le Lys — use precious gems such as spinels, sapphires, chalcedony and diamonds. These sparkly creations, like most designs by Chaumet, serve more than one purpose — perfect for those who find it hard to decide on just one accessory.La Nature de Chaumet 2016

The brand has long been known for collections for tiaras so it is interesting to see some of its prized archive creations including earrings and necklaces see light in 2016. Though if you are holding out hope for Prince Charming to present you with a tiara, then he may have a few to choose from in the overall collection.

For more on the La Nature de Chaumet collection, visit Chaumet.

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