Luxury furniture for the home: Louis Vuitton unveils the new Objets Nomades collection for 2017 in Milan

Louis Vuitton features top designers in the 2017 edition of the Objets Nomades collection

Apr 10, 2017 | By AFP Relaxnews

Luxury magnate Louis Vuitton gets ready to showcase its new Objets Nomades collection. The brand marries functionality with design, promising top designer products. The French luxury luggage-maker will unveil ten new pieces from its travel-inspired Objets Nomades collection at the Milan Furniture Fair, taking place from April 14 to 19.

Talisman Table by India Mahdavi

Mahdavi’s side table is inspired by the nomadic hospitality of the Middle East. It consists of a leather-bound portable base which closes like a book and a blue leather marquetry tray displaying an antidote to the evil eye.

Blossom Stool by Tokujin Yoshioka

Blossom Stool is a reference to the historic Louis Vuitton monogram. The stool is available in black and white. There is also a 24-carat gold-chromed version which is an exclusive 12 piece limited edition.

Bomboca Sofa by the Campana Brothers

These two designers sought inspiration from the candies served at marriages and children’s festivals in Brazil. The result is a collection of eight removable cushions laid out on a leather-covered rigid base. The cushions — made out of fabric or leather — can be used separately as poufs.

Palaver Chair by Patricia Urquiola

This remarkable chair is made from woven perforated leather.

Diamond Screen by Marcel Wanders

This leather screen can be suspended from its metal frame or a ceiling. Each piece, which is inspired by the diamond shape of the Louis Vuitton monogram, is held onto the others with brass clasps similar to those found on Louis Vuitton bags.

Lune Chairs by Marcel Wanders

The designer Marcel Wanders came up with this wooden rocking chair with a molded leather seat and back.

Twist Lamp by Atelier Oï

Above the base, this lamp is surrounded by twisted leather straps, each one with natural leather on one side and shiny leather on the other. The lamp is available in two different heights and three colors: beige and gold; red; and blue and silver. An anodized aluminum ring, which holds in the straps, can be moved to change the proportions of the lamp.

Swing Boat by Atelier Oï

The Swing Boat sofa was inspired by a vintage folding boat that the Atelier Oï designers use on Switzerland’s Lake Biel. Its “hull” is made of canvas reinforced by wooden circles, gilded brass hinges, and comfortable leather cushions. The sofa can swing gently on its leather straps. When it’s not being used, it can be folded away — just like the folding boat.

Belt Chair by Atelier Oï

This steel-framed chair is wrapped in eight leather straps which provide comfort, strength and durability, and give the seat and back an undulating surface, like a sand dune in 3D.

My Shelves by Raw Edges

Raw Edges’ foldable shelves in aluminum, leather and wood are shaped like an origami boat.

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