Limited edition watches: DeLaCour Reflect Tourbillon features sapphire crystal case

If timepieces could speak, this one might sing that it is titanium

Apr 10, 2017 | By Staff Writer
The DeLaCour Reflect Tourbillon shines with its own light, thanks to its liberal use of sapphire crystal elements

The DeLaCour Reflect Tourbillon shines with its own light, thanks to its liberal use of sapphire crystal elements

The name of this tourbillon conveys part of its charm. The DeLaCour Reflect Tourbillon shines from within, thanks to a wealth of apertures on the case and selective surfaces in the movement. Obviously, the Geneva-based watchmaking firm is working within a narrow band of appeal, but it actually shares characteristics in terms of look and feel with contemporary Lamborghinis. The Reflect Tourbillon’s relationship with light, for example, mirrors the way sunlight bounces off the angular surfaces of an Aventador. And then there’s that fantastic case…

The shape of the titanium case plays a very important role in distinguishing the DeLaCour brand overall and the Reflect Tourbillon in particular. It is basically rectangular with rounded sides and lots of depth (it is 12.5 millimetres thick), which is important here because the case middle features a sapphire crystal window. The elongated elliptical shape is instantly recognisable as DeLaCour, which is something the brand is well aware about and is, of course, completely intentional.

To be clear, DeLaCour isn’t interested in everyone knowing about the brand or clamouring after the watches. The brand will be happy with just a select few connoisseurs. The Reflect Tourbillon, for example, is limited to just nine pieces.

Turning back to the interior of that timepiece, Calibre DC 296 was developed by a dedicated team of specialists who clearly relished the prospect of revealing their handiwork. A series of four corundum (sapphire crystal) tubes function here as bridges, while also obviously being aesthetic elements, framing the gear train. Needless to say, the bridges also frame the extra-large tourbillon at six o’clock. A second bit of aesthetic mechanics are the extra glossy lacquered plates, which reflect light and go a long way towards providing the watch with its internal glow.

This is not to say that the calibre is delicate in any way. It has a power reserve of 95 hours, and those sapphire crystal bridges are reportedly exceedingly strong, thanks to the rigidity of the material.

The case itself is as sturdy as it looks, being water resistant to 50 metres. The watch as a whole is also quite light, thanks to being cased in titanium, despite its hefty dimensions.


Movement Manual-winding Calibre DC 296 with tourbillon; 95-hour power reserve
Case 48 millimetres x 52 millimetres x 12.5 millimetres in titanium; water resistant to 50 metres
Strap Black hand-stitched crocodile leather
Price Unavailable

This article was originally published in WOW.

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