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Focus: Deesawat Wellness Chairs

We get schooled on the common misconception that designing for people with health challenges is the domain of specialists.

Mar 16, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Furniture designers, even the most talented ones, have often inhibited themselves from designing for people with impairments. This position has mostly led to the creation of everyday objects that draw attention to exclusive instead of shared needs. Thai manufacturer Deesawat Industries challenges this thinking by designing furniture that everyone, with or without health challenges, can share and appreciate. The company’s Wellness Collection currently comprises three award-winning chairs.Brace-Stool-Deesawat-Industries-2

Brace Stool lends additional support to people with back and knee problems who find sitting down or standing up a challenge. The piece has an especially shaped and ergonomically angled arm that the user can grasp easily and use for support as he changes position. The stool’s seat height and splayed legs are also designed for maximum stability and support. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, Brace Stool is the recipient of Best Design award and Grand Prize at Hong Kong Design for Wellbeing 2014.Loop-Chair-deesawat-Industries

By repeatedly pressing the fingertips against the four pinheads at the end of Loop Chair’s arm, the user can stimulate his blood circulation. Based on a reflexology technique commonly used on patients with Parkinson’s disease, the discreetly applied apparatus does not disturb the overall elegant design of the armchair with upholstered seat and back, and wooden frame in natural finish.Braille-Bench-deesawat-Industries

Braille Bench engages the visually impaired with an emotional and thoughtful design that others can share and appreciate. Constructed in wood with metal element, the bench’s backrest has a relief message in Braille that reads: “If you’re sitting alone, please move in a little and share the seat”. The piece brings the visually impaired and the others around him to the same conversation within a shared space.   


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This story first appeared in FORM Magazine.

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