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Performance Art involving making music from ice cream licking

Feb 27, 2014 | By Staff Writer


Ever thought licking ice cream could produce music (aside from the occasional slurping noises)? Two New York-based designers, Emilie Lucie Baltz and Carla Diana, have collaborated with the musician Arone Dyer from Buke & Gase to produce a performance art that involves music being produced from ice cream licking. How melodious can ice cream licking sound? For this performance, titled lickestra, a series of different flavored ice creams are positioned on four white pedestals. Each ice cream cone is connected to a computer software and triggers different sounds when licked, which are played through speakers. There are a variety of flavors, including exotic ones such as Ceyanne chocolate. The ice cream licking triggers a range of sounds from deep base lines to high-pitched tones. Despite some improvisational parts, the music produced is orchestrated according to a score composed by Dyer. Emilie baltz explains, ‘the eater becomes a performer as the primitive act of licking reaches beyond flavor perception to become an instrument for play.’ The orchestra of ice cream licking performers only complete the song when all the ice cream is licked. 



Lickestra 1 Lickestra 2 Lickestra 3 Lickestra 4


Learn more about the project here


Images from designboom

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