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Paper Sculptures

Li Hong Bo breathes new life into sculptures

Feb 26, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Shown at the recently concluded Art Stage Singapore 2014, Li Hong Bo’s paper sculptures have changed the way we experience sculptures and paper. Inspired by the traditional Chinese decorations of paper gourds, which are made from glued layers of paper, Li works tirelessly for months to create sculptures made from thousands of layers of flexible paper that can elongate, stretch, bend and be pulled in any direction. According to Klein Sun where his exhibition Tools of Study is currently being shown, ‘through this juxtaposition of playful mobility and a traditional aesthetic, Li Hongbo breathes a unique life into his works that stuns and awes the viewer.’ 

Li Hongbo Bust Of David Paper 70x50x50cm 2012 2

Li Hongbo Bust Of Marseilles Paper 60x36x35cm 2012 1

Li Hongbo Bust Of Michelangelo Paper 50x20x25cm 2012 2

Li Hongbo Mouth Paper 17x25x15cm 2013 2 

Photos courtesy of Klein Sun Gallery 

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