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Exhibitions in London 2017: Tate Britain to showcase David Hockney works

British artist David Hockney turns 80 in 2017, and to mark the occasion the most comprehensive exhibition of his work to date will go on display at Tate Britain next month before moving on to Paris and New York

Jan 31, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

Hockney’s achievements in painting, drawing, print, photography and video will all be represented at the exhibition, which will be presented as a chronological overview covering six decades of his highly influential career.

Early works will include the “Love” paintings made in 1960 and 1961, as well as portraits of family, friends and himself, including the 1977 work “Self Portrait with Blue Guitar,” and his iconic images of Los Angeles swimming pools. Later pieces will include his Yorkshire landscapes from the 2000s and works he has created since returning to California in 2013.

Hockney has changed styles frequently over the course of his career, and this show will examine how each phase of his work paved the way for the next one. For example, say the show’s organizers, the artist’s “joiner” assemblages of photographs, such as “Pearlblossom Highway 1986,” informed paintings of his Hollywood home and Californian landscapes, while a connection can be drawn from his abstract works in the 1990s to his later perception of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Hockney said of the exhibition, “It has been a pleasure to revisit works I made decades ago, including some of my earliest paintings. Many of them seem like old friends to me now. We’re looking back over a lifetime with this exhibition, and I hope, like me, people will enjoy seeing how the roots of my new and recent work can be seen in the developments over the years.”

“David Hockney” runs from February 9 through May 29 at Tate Britain in London. It will then appear at the Centre Pompidou in Paris from June 21 to October 23 and will later be shown by the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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