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David Hockney Launches $2,200 Book

British contemporary artist David Hockney a 2,000-euro art book titled “A Bigger Book” at the Frankfurt book fair.

Oct 22, 2016 | By Madelaine Angelina

British contemporary artist David Hockney revealed a $2,200 art book titled A Bigger Book at the Frankfurt book fair – aside from being pricey, it is literally a bigger book that weighs 35kgs. The tome provides a visual overview of Hockney’s artistic career, with 500 pages of his early drawings, famed paintings, polaroid collages, and his more recent iPad drawings.

The 79-year-old unveiled the book at one of the world’s biggest publishing fair last Wednesday. He went through every page of the book during an hour-long presentation. There isn’t much text inside, as the art speaks for itself. In fact, Hockney didn’t speak much on it during his presentation. The title is a reference to Hockney’s 1967 painting ‘A Bigger Splash’. Only 10,000 copies exist, all of them signed by the artist.

The book weighs 35kgs (77 pounds) and measures 50 by 70 centimetres (20 by 27 inches). It comes with a three-legged, custom-made stand.

The Frankfurt book fair is the world’s largest publishing event. It is also the oldest, dating back to the Middle Ages.

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