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Artist Ellie Lasthiotaki Immortalises Moments In “Ethereality” Exhibition

Free for viewers’ interpretations is a symphony of colours and textures in contemporary artist Ellie Lasthiotaki’s latest works. Ethereality happens from 1 April to 3 May at Gallery1819.

Mar 17, 2022 | By Cleo Yong
Ellie Lasthiotaki Greek contemporary artist
Image: Ellie Lasthiotaki

Greek contemporary artist Ellie Lasthiotaki returns to Gallery1819 for her sixth and latest solo exhibition, Ethereality.

Sensed as visual poetry, the exhibition illustrates Lasthiotaki’s personal choice to “see the beauty, passion and empathy of the world we live in.” Ethereal originates from the Greek word for “Ether”, which symbolises the clean sky and weightlessness in Homer’s Greek.

Ellie Lasthiotaki, Ode to Glowing Memories of Elegance at Gallery1819
Ode to Glowing Memories of Elegance, 2022 150cm x 100cm Acrylics, Pastels, Charcoal on Canvas

Hailing from the island of Crete in Greece, the sea and its stories have been an integral part of Lasthiotaki’s perception of the world. Nature is never still, and for the artist, this is her way of capturing a moment — a specific feeling, that split of a second or a secret that Lasthiotaki would long forget.

On Gallery1819’s website, Lasthiotaki shares that painting immortalises what goes beyond the tangible and obvious. “My art is about everything that influences my life, a place, a person, a thought, a feeling of love, anger or exasperation, chance and light.”

Ellie Lasthiotaki, Charming Infatuation at Gallery1819
Charming Infatuation, 2022, 147cm x 84cm, Acrylic, Pastels, Charcoal on Canvas

Currently based in Singapore, Lasthiotaki’s work is a modest venture in bringing forward her childhood. The emotive and expressive creative yearns to build the bridge with nature and lines. She liberates her psyche and confronts distressing composite experiences through her panoramic paintings and sculptures.

Ellie Lasthiotaki, Charming reminiscence of scented fragments at Gallery1819
Charming reminiscence of scented fragments, 2022 150cm x 100cm Mixed Media, 24K gold leaf

In Ethereality, Lasthiotaki uses scribbling and abstraction alongside a vast spectrum of media. Her artistic style and ability to transfer viewers to places where the magic happens is what made her painterly style so recognisable in the art scene. Employing and channelling Nature, Lasthiotaki acts as the eternal link between humans and earth, from soporific sunlight and spirited waves to dancing trees and effervescent colours.

The new body of works is a genuine effort to “humbly try to suppress the bellicose selves and instead reconnect with the inner selves from visual stimulation.” In Lasthiotaki’s visual language, the art pieces embody her intuitive need to encapsulate emotions, space and the feeling of ethereality. The artist’s captivating works demonstrate that everything is possible in a contemporary context and call for viewers to relate and be moved.

Lasthiotaki has held several solo and group exhibitions in Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, Chicago and Dubai. She is a twice finalist at the prestigious International Artist Grand Prize Competition at Art Revolution Taipei and has a strong base of followers and avid collectors. See Lasthiotaki’s previous artworks on her website here.

Ethereality happens from 2 April to 7 May 2022.

Location: Gallery1819, 315 Outram Road, #02-04, Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074

Opening Hours: 11am — 7pm

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