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Art Stage Singapore 2014

A showcase of the best of Asian contemporary art.

Jan 07, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Three years after its debut in 2011, Art Stage Singapore 2014 will show for its fourth time from 16 to 19 January 2014 at Marina Bay Sands. The leading Asian art fair connecting the world to the best of Asian contemporary art through its international platform has attracted interests from gallerists, artists, collectors, curators and art lovers around the globe. The exhibition attracted over 40,000 people last year and it hopes to welcome an even larger audience this year.

The founder of Art Stage Singapore is no stranger to the international art world. Fair Director Lorenzo Rudolf (below: pictured right) has been responsible for some of the biggest art shows around the world like Art Basel Miami Beach and SH Contemporary in Shanghai and recently founded Art Stage Singapore.

Art Stage Singapore 2014

The growth in both the local and international arts scene in Singapore has proven to attract even more talent as Rudolf explains, “We are very lucky to have Singapore as our base; the country’s excellent infrastructure and vision for the arts have been attracting all sorts of talents to start their ventures here. People come back to our fair for the best quality Asian art as well as the diversified lifestyle of Singapore.”

When asked what the audience can expect from Art Stage Singapore 2014, Rudolf said, “Moving forward, the fair will not only keep acting as a major force for catalysing the growth of the regional art scenes, but also create a stronger synergy among the key players. For example, we will be introducing an exhibitor committee consisting of some of the most inspiring gallerists from the Asia Pacific region.”

The exhibition will have a new fair format comprising of eight countries and regional platforms. The platforms include Southeast Asia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Central Asia. In the SEA platform, there will be featured projects that includes works by Yone Arts from Myanmar, Filipino artist Mark Justiniani and a joint showcase by young artists Sarah Choo and Jolene Lai and a ten-metre work by Jane Lee will be shown at next year’s Art Stage Singapore. Aside from Choo, Lai and Lee, other artists featured in the various platforms include: Chun Kai Feng, Haslin Ismail, amongst others.

To further highlight, here’s a video below by Art Stage on contmeporary Southeast Asian art.

In addition, Art Stage Singapore 2014 will expand in the number of galleries, from 22 galleries last year to 29 galleries this year. Some galleries to keep an eye out for would be Arario Gallery (Seoul, Beijing, Cheonan), ARNDT (Singapore, Berlin), Galerie Michael Janssen (Singapore, Berlin), Mizuma Gallery (Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing), and more.

Art Stage Singapore 2014 2

 Art Stage Singapore 2014 3

Here’s a video from last year’s Art Stage Singapore to give you a better idea of the event!


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