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Art and Transhumanism: Humanity as a Project in the work of Joanna Grochowska

Utilizing the concept of ‘a Doll of Hans Bellmer’, Joanna Grochowska depicts eroticism, pain and power in a posthuman modified body.

Oct 12, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

PROTOTYPE, 2020, Digital print under acrylic glass, 200 x 147 x 3 cm, Edition of 3

Illuminating the human body from a contemporary perspective, Munich gallery, Størpunkt presents the Nude group exhibition which is expected to run from now till 30th October 2020. Showcasing an array of non-pornographic, artistic representations of unclothed human bodies, the gallery will include the works of Ronit Baranga, Susannah Martin, Frank Krüger, Linda Adair, Sally Hewett, Danielle Van Zadelhoff, Massimo Lagrotteria, Bruno Walpoth, David Friedmann, and Joanna Grochowska.

Art and Transhumanism Envisioned by Joanna Grochowska

Opening The Future, 2020, Digital print under acrylic glass, 200 x 134.5 x 3 cm

As a renowned Polish contemporary artist, whose work has been exhibited internationally, Joanna Grochowska is revered for her art which embodies sophisticated imagery alongside a subversive vision. Her haute photography depicts eroticism, pain and power across faceless figures in lifeless poses without sexual organs and identifiable features.

PROTOTYPE, 2020, Digital print under acrylic glass, 200 x 147 x 3 cm, Edition of 3

Through transforming the body into a project, her subjects are composed in an anonymous space full of voyeuristic desires, where they await the limitless anagrammatical re-compositions which are imposed by the imagination of the viewer. Paying special attention to gender fluidity, many of Grochowska’s work delineate the body after a sex reassignment surgery.

Slash Adornment, 2020, Digital print under acrylic glass, 200 x 115 x 3 cm, Edition of 3

Relating to the future, declaring gender fluidity, identity transition in a posthuman modified body, the conceptual basis of her art thus revolve around notions of Transgression and Singularity – whilst her aesthetic which showcases the practice of apathy, promise of pleasure, and the affirmation of boredom, provide an opportunity for viewers to explore the conjunction between the play of pain and the phenomena of beauty.


Joanna Grochowska is represented by Galerie Verbeeck-Van Dyck, Antwerp and Størpunkt Gallery, Munich.

Artist Instagram: @facelesshumanforms

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