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3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Artist brings pencil sketches on flat sheets of paper to life

Mar 20, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Dutch artist Ramon Bruin creates 3D pencil drawings on flat sheets of white paper. Using several drawing techniques, and drawing different parts of his sketch on separate sheets of paper, he puts together an impressive life-like composition. Each work is created with such precision that the subjects of the drawings appear to be jumping out of the page – like the drawing of two jet planes “taking off” from the paper. In some photographs of the drawings, the artist also interacts with some of his drawings. There is a photo of his hand pinching the sketched black scorpion by its tail. These interacts captured in his photos also add to the 3-dimensional life-like quality of his drawings. The freelance artist graduated from the Airbrush Academy in Netherlands, and has since been producing impressive pencil drawings that constantly push his limitations and his imagination. 

Learn more about Ramon Bruin and his work here

 3d By Ramon Bruin 2

3d By Ramon Bruin 1 1

3d By Ramon Bruin 7

3d By Ramon Bruin 5 2

3d By Ramon Bruin 6

3d By Ramon Bruin 9 1

3d By Ramon Bruin 11

3d By Ramon Bruin 12

3d By Ramon Bruin 14

3d By Ramon Bruin 16 1

3d By Ramon Bruin 17

3d By Ramon Bruin 18 1

3d By Ramon Bruin 21 2


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